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WikiDoc (alternatively spelled Wiki Doc) is an online medical wiki encyclopedia where contributors are not required to have credentials in a biomedical field (see for comparison Medpedia). WikiDoc was started in December 2005 by C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D., of Harvard Medical School.[1] The original content came from Dr. Gibson's chief residency notes, board review notes, and content from a variety of copyleft sources including The National Library of Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control, Wikipedia and Ask Dr Wiki.[2] WikiDoc differs from Wikipedia in the following ways:[3]

  • WikiDoc is oriented more to medical professionals
  • WikiDoc has medical news
  • WikiDoc has expanded images and videos
  • WikiDoc has greatly expanded differential diagnoses in a list format and a differential diagnosis project
  • WikiDoc has toolbar to search internet on the right hand side to gather articles, guidelines and slides
  • WikiDoc has toolbar on left to see what page most people looked at next
  • WikiDoc has a board review course (in Beta testing)
  • WikiDoc has editors who proctor the content

There is bidirectional flow of content between WikiDoc and Wikipedia.

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