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Wikifonia is an on-line publisher of sheet music, combining a MusicXML-based technology in a wiki system, with copyright clearance.



The Wikifonia system was developed in a collaboration between several institutes of higher education in Ghent (Belgium). March 2005 the researchers of the project received the Creativity to Business Award from AUGent (Ghent University Association).[1] The system went live on 6 November 2006.[2]


The Wikifonia system aims as well at the creation of music, at the publication of public domain traditionals, as at the publication of previously copyrighted music.

Music published on the Wikifonia website is licensed by Musi©opy, a music copyright clearance organisation based in the Netherlands.[2][3] The actual rights are paid by the Wikifonia foundation, a non-profit organisation founded in July 2006.[4]


The Wikifonia website can be browsed, and the sheet music downloaded in PDF or MusicXML format, without login or subscription.

Uploading music, in MusicXML format, and commenting on published music require login or registration.

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