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File:Wikiquote screenshot 2008.png
Screenshot of home page
Commercial? No
Type of site Quotation repository
Registration Optional
Available language(s) Multilingual
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Created by Jimmy Wales and the Wikimedia Community
Alexa rank 2,901[1]
Current status active

Wikiquote is one of a family of wiki-based projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation, running on MediaWiki software. Based on an idea by Daniel Alston and implemented by Brion Vibber, the goal of the project is to produce collaboratively a vast reference of quotations from prominent people, books, films and proverbs, and to give details about them. Though there are many online collections of quotations, Wikiquote is distinguished by being among the few that provide an opportunity for visitors to contribute.[2] Wikiquote pages are cross-linked to articles about the notable personalities on Wikipedia.[3]

Initially, the project was created solely in English. However, in July 2004, additional languages were added.



File:Wikiquote growth.png
Growth of the largest eight Wikiquotes.
Date Event
June 27, 2003
Temporarily put on the Wolof language Wikipedia (
<center>July 10, 2003 Own subdomain created (
<center>August 25, 2003 Own domain created (
<center>July 17, 2004 New languages added.
<center>November 13, 2004 English edition reaches 2,000 pages.
<center>November 2004 Reaches 24 languages.
<center>March 2005 Reaches 10,000 pages in total. English edition has close to 3,000 pages.
<center>June 2005 Reaches 34 languages, including one classical (Latin) and one artificial (Esperanto)
<center>November 4, 2005 English Wikiquote reaches 5,000 pages.
<center>April 2006 French Wikiquote taken down for legal reasons.
<center>December 4, 2006 French Wikiquote restarted.
<center>May 7, 2007 English Wikiquote reaches 10,000 pages.
<center>July 2007 Reaches 40 languages.

Multilingual cooperation

In July 2004, about 70 subdomains were set up. As of January 1, 2010, twenty one versions each have more than 1,000 articles. The largest Wikiquote is the English project with over 17,500 articles, followed by Italian, Polish, German, and Portuguese with over 5,000 articles each, and by Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Slovenian and Turkish with over 2,000 articles each. The French project, which was restarted in December 2006, has 1,899. Fifty-one language versions have 100 or more articles.[4]

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