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WinPlus was a cross-platform clone of the Hypercard application that enables users to run HyperCard stacks on Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and OS/2 (Presentation Manager).

Originally the application was developed by Format Software GmbH (Cologne, Germany) to overcome deficits of Hypercard, like lack of color support, fixed card size etc.. With the wider acceptance of other graphic user interfaces like "Presentation Manager" (OS/2) and Windows the development was extended to cover the cross-platform aspect. The software was initially distributed as "PLUS" in 1989.

Later it was distributed by Spinnaker Software and marketed as "Spinnaker PLUS" and "WinPlus". Based on the same source code Oracle developed OracleCard, also known as Oracle Media Objects. Spinnaker later sold the application to ObjectPlus Corp., marketing it as "ObjectPlus".

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