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Winbatch is a Microsoft Windows scripting language developed by Wilson WindowWare. Its environment includes an interpreter and a code editor along with a dialog designer.



Wilson WindowWare was founded in 1989 with the product Command Post.

In 1991, the menuing language in Command Post became WinBatch. Shortly after that, a corporate version was released which included a code binder (a program that combines a bytecode version of a program along with an interpreter).


Documentation is available in German, Spanish and Japanese languages.

Hello world

Here is the Winbatch Hello World program:

Message("Sample","Hello World!")

WinBatch Extenders

Extenders add additional commands to the WinBatch programming language. A few popular extenders are included with the default WinBatch installer, with additional extenders available for download.

  • ADSI Extender - Provides access to Microsoft's Active Directory Service Interfaces.
  • Control Manager Extender - Allows control of most standard Windows controls displayed on the screen, allowing manipulation of graphical applications.
  • CPU Extender - Allows you to detect CPU type and performance from Intel 80486 and later processors, as well as AMD and Cyrix processors.
  • File Searcher Extender - Find any file in the system, scan all sub-directories, find all files, and search the contents of any or all files.
  • GPIB Extender - For the ComputerBoards (and compatible) GPIB cards or the National Instruments (and compatible) GPIB cards.
  • IP Address Grabber Extender - Gets the machine's IP Addresses.
  • Mapi Extender - Perform MAPI Operations.
  • Netware Extenders - Support for Novell networks. They may be used in addition with other extenders, such as the Windows for Workgroups Multinet extender or with each other. The NetWare extenders help you to attach, map and manipulate network processes within your Windows System.
  • ODBC Extender - The ODBC extender has a basic set of ODBC functions.
  • Parallel Extender - Talk to parallel ports. Communicate with obscure hardware devices. Lab equipment. Home brew controllers.
  • Postie Extender - The Ultimate Internet Email extender. Sends and receives POP3, IMAP4, and NNTP (newsgroup) email.
  • Printer Control Extender - Assists in working with printer drivers.
  • Process Extender - Access to processes information. It also includes performance monitoring functions.
  • RAS Extender - Provides remote access capabilities to client applications on computers using Microsoft Windows. RAS applications can perform the following tasks: Start and end a RAS connection operations Create, edit, or copy phone-book entries, get RAS information, including information about existing RAS connections, and receive notification when a RAS connection begins or ends.
  • Serial Communications Extender - Allows communication with standard serial ports and devices attached to them (such as modems, lab equipment, other computers, serial terminals, serial printers and X-10 home controllers). Built in modem support to communicate with most standard modems, including support for a few file transfer methods such as Zmodem.
  • Shell Operations Extender - Performs Explorer-style file operations with animated graphics. Can also copy, delete, and move entire directory structures. Also has a simple Progress bar and a MessageBox with timeout.
  • WILX Extender
  • Windows 95 extender
  • WinInet Extender - Extends the capabilities of Dial-up Networking and FTP.
  • Internet/WinSock Extender - Allows communication between host computers, Internet Service Providers and supported networks for Windows operating systems. Include high level protocol support (including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, and ping) as well as low level WinSock calls.
  • Zipper Extender - Provides functions for zipping files into archives and unzipping them.

See also

  • AutoIt - Another, free alternative for Windows graphical scripting
  • KiXtart - Careware alternative for windows scripting.

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