Wolf Frameworks

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Wolf Frameworks
Type Privately held company
Founded 2006
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Industry Cloud Computing, Platform as a Service
Products SaaS Business Applications
Website www.wolfframeworks.com

Wolf Frameworks is a web application designing & development Platform as a Service based in India and United States and represented via partners worldwide.[1]

Founded in 2006, the Cloud Computing Infrastructure[2] offered by the company enables users to design & deliver cross platform SaaS applications without writing technical code. [3][4][5]



WOLF is 100% AJAX, XML and .NET based and enables building of mashable and interoperable web applications by using a browser, an internet connection and the knowledge of modelling business.[6]


  • A technical code free designing environment for creating & delivering SaaS type Business Applications on the internet[6]
  • Built using a late bound SOA architecture which uses XML framework
  • Prevents cloud lock-in by allowing users to save their application data in their own preferred database server
  • Provides the ability to view & extract the Business Design (Intellectual Property) of your software application in XML.
  • Import, Export or filter data from Word, Excel, Project Management or CSV files
  • Accessed over a 128-bit secured SSL connection and hosted in a highly secured data center[7]


  • Multi-tenant SOA
  • Requires no coding & less technical skills [8]
  • Built-in actions to integrate with external software systems
  • Standards oriented Web Service technology[9]
  • Save data in a private database server & extract Application Design in XML [10]
  • Requires no up-front capital expenses and minimizes operational cost


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