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A wovel is Underland Press's term for an online interactive "web novel."[1] It is almost in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook in which the reader chooses which way the action will continue, but it is also very different. It is written by the author as people vote which way the action will continue.[2] Because the author has no way of knowing how everyone will vote, they have to wait until voting is finished to continue writing the story. Despite its interactivity, because a Wovel is released piece-by-piece, it can be compared to a serial film, serial book series, or webserial. Also, each "episode" ends with a cliffhanger, but the choice and fate of the plot is up to the reader's vote, and not predetermined by the author. [3]


History of the wovel

The first Wovel was from Victoria Blake's Underland Press and features Bram Stoker Award winner Kealan Patrick Burke's The Living (which is still ongoing). It started June 1, 2008 and immediately had over 1,000 readers and 700 votes in its first few days of being published online. It currently releases a new section of the story every Monday, and voting on it continues through Thursday. Burke writes the new section of story, and then the new post goes up on the following Monday.[4]

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