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URL http://www.Wreckamovie.com/
Slogan Be the Future of Film! [1]
Commercial? No [1]
Type of site Collaboration tool for movie making [1]
Registration Required for input, reading free
Available language(s) English
Content license Free sharing, free agreement [1]
Owner Star Wreck Studios Oy Ltd (commercial)[2]
Created by Timo Vuorensola[2]
Launched February 1, 2007 (2007-02-01) (13 years ago)[2]
Current status Fully functional, developing

Wreckamovie is a collaborative film production platform, where anybody can come, set up his own film production and find a community to collaborate with, or find interesting film productions and become a collaborator in a worknet. Its aim is to make filmmaking easier, more effective and possible for everyone. [3]



Star Wreck Studios Oy Ltd and Wreckamovie were created by a group of filmmakers from Finland, who in 2005 created the freely downloadable Star Trek parody movie Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, which has been changing the whole chain of filmmaking. It gained fame on the internet for being created and distributed by a community of enthusiasts over the internet and for its spectacular special effects only made on a shoestring budget and standard home computers. The experiences of the group creating the aforementioned film, which was their first feature film, led them to develop a platform that's open and easy to use for everyone.[4]


Wreckamovie is considered a model example of the potential of Web 2.0 according to Cisco Systems Finland Oy. As a business model it presents the exact opposite of the traditional way of making movies. With it a community creates and distributes the film, and only then, once popularity has already been gained, profitability steps in. [5]

Wreckamovie serves all kinds of audiovisual productions, from short films and music videos all the way to full feature-length films. In it anyone can summon a community around one's movie or any audiovisual project and ask for assistance in desired tasks for the production.[3] The service makes it possible to produce films together with the community, and thus to create a real interaction with the audience right from the development stage.[6]

The service doesn't make difference between "professionals" and "amateurs", but emphasizes on enthusiasm. However, the community recognizes combining both enthusiasm and professionalism will yield the best results of all. [7]

In addition to internet, the creators want to distribute movies in every possible way ranging from traditional movie screens to cell phones.[8] Then the existing community serves as a strong potential base for viral marketing.[4]

Community guidelines

  • The Production Leaders are Friendly Dictators: Productions in Wreckamovie are set up by Productions Leaders with the understanding they have full legal rights to represent the AV production, develop ideas and make decisions on its development, production and licensing.
  • Free Sharing: Users participating in productions recognize that Productions may commercially use all materials and ideas submitted to the production royalty-free unless otherwise agreed with the Production Leader or terms specified in the chosen license type of the Production.
  • Posting copyrighted material that one does not have rights to, is prohibited.
  • Make Friends, Respect others and have Fun.
  • WRECK THE MOLD: Do stuff that no one has ever thought of because the Internet makes it possible. [1]

Current users

On October 16th, 2009 Wreckamovie was being used for the production of the reference movie for the service, a full-length scifi parody Iron Sky. It was earlier used for the now accomplished Finnish horror film Sauna. [6][9] The platform is open for service in general. There were more than 200 active projects listed on Wreckamovie. [10]


In 2008 the movie production community Wreck-A-Movie was elected the winner of the MindTrek Grand Prix 2008, €20 008.[11] In October 2009 Wreckamovie was chosen among the 36 finalists in SIME conference's Rising Star of the North -competition, finishing 23rd overall. [12]


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