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File:Wrike screenshot.png
Developer(s) Wrike Inc.
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Project management, Collaboration

Wrike is an online tool and application service provider for project management and collaboration developed by Wrike Inc. The company was founded in 2006 and launched its first release to a public beta in 2007.



2004 - The idea for Wrike came to Andrew Filev, Wrike’s founder[1], from a need for an agile tool to manage offices, projects, departments. Since the main medium for collaboration on tasks with associates in small and medium business is email[2] [3], Wrike was developed in an integration with email[4].

December, 2006 - The beta version of Wrike was released.

December, 2006 - Wrike won a B2B start-up competition at leWeb3.

June, 2007 - Wrike’s profession version was released[5].

June, 2008 - Wrike won the eWEEK’s 8th annual Excellence Awards program[6].

September, 2008 - Wrike helps Canadian student Formula team build a racing car[7].

August, 2008 – Wrike’s Enterprise version with task dependencies on Gantt charts was released[8].

January, 2009 – Wrike was named the Red Herring Top 100 Global Company[9].

February, 2009 - Wrike chose APS as its integration standard. Wrike APS package enables hosting providers to add the product to the range of their business-oriented offerings. [10].

July, 2009 - Wrike released "Wrike Simple Projects", a real-time project collaboration application on the My Yahoo! platform. [11].

October, 2009 - Wrike launched its Spanish Version. [12].


Wrike features creation of tasks from emails, organizing projects and subprojects in flexible hierarchy, editing schedules on Gantt chart, file sharing, time tracking, RSS & iCal feeds, Microsoft Excel import and export, task version control, Microsoft Project import.

Wrike’s interface is built on AJAX, so user can see updates in his/her projects made by other people without the need to reload the Web page.

Wrike allows managers to decentralize updating and control of overall plans and permit online access[13] to plans that is equal for all selected participants.


Wrike is based on a theory of emergent structures. It involves collective intelligence into project management and allows project team to contribute to management process.

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