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A list of packs available from an XDCC bot

XDCC (Xabi DCC or eXtended DCC) was initially a script written in 1994 for ircII[1] by Xabi. This script extends the ircII DCC command.

Now XDCC refers to IRC bots running file sharing programs in general.[2] XDCC bots serve one or more usually large files for download using the DCC protocol. Though XDCC is commonly employed in distributing illegal content, such as warez releases of software, music, and movies, it can also be used in legal ways.

XDCC is quickly gaining popularity over older mediums of data transfer such as newsgroups and fserve.[citation needed] Unlike peer-to-peer transfers, XDCC servers are often hosted on connections with very high upstream bandwidth, sometimes in excess of 100 Mbit. Often FTP servers are also running on the XDCC servers to facilitate uploading of materials to them. Some XDCC servers run on security compromised computers.[3]

To use XDCC, one can send a private message (query) or send a CTCP command to a bot, using an IRC client. The user can ask a bot what files it has by private messaging "xdcc list" to the bot. However, this feature is often disabled as to not attract too much attention. When a user wants to download a packet or file from a bot, the user would type something such as "xdcc send #<pack number>" to the bot. The bot will either start sending the user the packet or the bot will place the user in a queue, and force the user to wait their turn.


Common (iroffer) XDCC Commands

Unless otherwise noted, most commands may be sent via ctcp instead of msg. Some servers disable msg commands.

  • /msg <botname> xdcc send #<pack number> - Requests the specified pack number from the bot.
  • /msg <botname> xdcc list - Requests a list of packs available from the bot.
  • /msg <botname> xdcc remove - Removes all files one has queued for sending. (This only works via msg.)
  • /msg <botname> xdcc remove #<queue number> - Removes the file in the specified queue position. (This only works via msg.)
  • /msg <botname> xdcc info #<pack number> - Requests information about the specified pack number.

Some bots will not accept the 'xdcc list' command, but instead will have a text file with the packlist in it available as pack #1.

XDCC Search Engines

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