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xTalk is a loosely defined family of scripting languages. The father of all xTalk languages is HyperTalk, the language used by Apple's HyperCard environment. These languages are characterized by simple English-like syntaxes.


A sample script

go to the third card
if the last word of the first line of card field 1 contains "hello" then say "Okay"
repeat while the mouse is up
end repeat

xTalk languages

xTalk languages shares a common set of basic data structures and commands, as well as the general object model, and thus allow for relative portability between each other:

xTalk-inspired languages

A few programming languages bear surface similarities to HyperTalk and were inspired by it. However, they have object models that differ so substantially that porting code from another xTalk requires a complete rewrite:

External references

  • Xtalk Scripting Style Guide [1]

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