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File:XnView logo.png
File:XnView Screenshot.png
Screenshot of XnView showing a .png image with transparency.
Developer(s) Pierre-emmanuel Gougelet
Stable release Windows: 1.97 / November 27, 2009; 1541 day(s) ago

Linux: 1.70 / September 7, 2005; 3083 day(s) ago
Mac OS X: 1.70.1 / June 28, 2007; 2424 day(s) ago
PocketPC: 1.40 / May 28, 2007; 2455 day(s) ago

Smartphone: 1.10 / September 10, 2007; 2350 day(s) ago
Operating system Microsoft Windows and Unix-like
Available in 44 languages (Windows only)[1]
Type Image viewer
Image organizer
License Limited freeware
Website www.xnview.com

XnView is a cross-platform image viewer used for viewing, converting, organising and editing graphical & video files. It is free of charge for private non-commercial, educational use and non-profit organisations. It is popular with users as it provides many features normally found in commercial image viewers and it supports many image file formats that other powerful image organizers such as ACDSee do not.



XnView is highly customisable and multi-lingual, supporting 44 languages in the Windows version.[1] The language can be changed via the options menu. The toolbar buttons can be modified to a certain extent, or be replaced by altering skins.

Also, XnView has been able to support more and more file formats (mainly image file formats). It can read more than 400 image file formats, some audio and video file formats, and write 50 image file formats.[1] XnView also supports ICC profiles in JPEG, PNG and TIFF files.

XnView can show IPTC, Exif and XMP metadata, and write IPTC metadata (but cannot do batch writing of IPTC metadata, and some users are longing for the batch IPTC editing function).[2] A further limitation is that it currently does not allow to sort thumbnails within a folder by a user-defined order.[3]

XnView can search files that have the same filename or data, and can search for similar graphics as well.

In addition, the display of the histogram of a picture is possible. And within a few mouse clicks, scripts can be created to convert, manipulate and rename a batch of images in one go.

Several image editing tools are included, for instance color and size manipulation, several filters and effects (full version even includes Harry's Filters 3.0). Lossless (without new encoding) turning, flipping and cropping of JPEG files is supported. Creation of advanced slideshows is possible as well. Furthermore, it can upload images to an FTP site or ImageShack, burn images to a CD or DVD (Nero Burning ROM required) with a few clicks (full version only).

The author no longer uses exe compressors to compress executables in the newest version, 1.95, after a long discussion about XnView 1.95 rc1 in the official forum.[4][5]

XnView is accompanied by NConvert, a command line image conversion tool.


File:XnView MP.png
XnView MP on Linux/Ubuntu
  • XnView MP

XnView MP (XnView Multi Platform) will eventually replace all other versions of XnView (*nix and Mac OS X and Windows) using the same source code for all platforms and is intended to have a unified look and feel. It will have native unicode support and be able to load full bit depth pictures (8/16/32 bits per component), easier handling of native language support (text based files) and a better database. Currently the newest version is 0.21.

  • XnView Pocket

XnView exists now for PocketPC and Smartphone with Windows Mobile 5 & 6, Pocket PC 2002-2005. Latest version (as of 7th January, 2009) is XnView Pocket v1.51.

  • XnView Deluxe

XnView Deluxe was developed by Pierre-Emmanuel Gougelet for Xzeos Software. It was a commercial version that was more feature rich than the standard free XnView. On January 1st., 2006, development, distribution and selling was stopped as a result of increased competition from Adobe Albums among others. The features in the XnView Deluxe were later incorporated into the XnView (free). XnView Deluxe is no longer supported.[6][7]


  • XnView does not support Unicode, however the author promises that in v2.0 Unicode will be supported.[8]


XnView has been awarded by various sites, e.g. Tucows.[9][10]

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