Xyster Framework

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Xyster Framework
Stable release Build 6 / May 19, 2008
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Web application frameworks
License BSD license
Website http://xyster.devweblog.org/

Xyster Framework is an open source application framework for developing PHP 5 applications. It extends from Zend Framework and requires a minimum PHP version of 5.2.0.



Xyster provides several add-ons and extensions to the features available in Zend Framework.

Plugins for and Extensions of Zend Framework

  • Several MVC plugins and action helpers for access control, authentication, and cache control
  • Several view helpers
  • Additional filters and validators
  • An Access control list which supports plugins for just-in-time rule creation

New Components

  • A mediator between the ACL and Authentication to translate authenticated identities into ACL roles and determine their parentage
  • A collections package in the style of Java or .NET
  • A container for validation messages that can be used to pass validation results between application layers
  • A base for developers to implement an application service layer
  • A layer for specifying how to sort, filter, and group fields in tabular data
  • An Object-relational mapping system based on the data mapper design pattern
  • Support for Enumerated types
  • A Dependency injection container
  • An abstraction layer for database schema definition

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