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Your Hosting Manager (YHM)
Developer(s) Polarbear541
Stable release Pre-Alpha
Platform Web / PHP / SQL
Available in English
License GNU General Public License
Website yhm.techtalk.co.uk

YHM is a free hosting billing software package currently being developed by Polarbear541.[1] It is written in PHP and licensed as free software under the GNU General Public License. It is currently under development. [2]



General Features

  • Compatible with cPanel (using the access hash key).
  • Unlimited number of clients, staff, packages etc.
  • Developed in PHP, compatible with MySQL database servers.
  • Modules: Email/Admin Verification and Post2Host (Under Development).

Member Features

  • Client Area.
  • Profiles and Change Password.
  • Controls for their Hosting Package/s.
  • Announcements and Contact Info set inside AdminCP.
  • Fully Featured Support System (Ticket System under Development).

Administration Features

  • Manage Servers, Packages, Clients, Staff Accounts etc.
  • Manage General Settings.
  • Manage Knowledge Base Articles.
  • Manage Announcements and Contact Info.
  • User Banning (IP address, email address, username or timed).
  • Answer Support Tickets (Under Development).

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