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Commercial? Yes
Type of site Internet portal
Registration Optional
Owner Seven Network and Yahoo!
Launched February 2006

Yahoo!7 is a 50-50 partnership between the Seven Network and Yahoo! Inc. in Australia.

As part of the Yahoo! Inc. and the Seven Media Group, Yahoo!7 brings together the online assets of Yahoo! Inc. and the television and magazine content of the Seven Network and Pacific Magazines. The company also combines Yahoo!'s search and communications capabilities and its global internet network, with Seven's rich media and entertainment content and marketing capabilities.



Yahoo!7 was founded in January 2006 and combines Seven Network's TV channel, the magazine publisher Pacific Magazines and Yahoo! Australia & New Zealand's online properties.

Prior to January 2006, the company operated independently as Yahoo! Australia and New Zealand, first opening its offices in Australia in 1997.

Yahoo!7 moved into its new offices at Millers Point, Sydney, in November, shared with its sister company, Yahoo! Search Marketing. Yahoo! Search Marketing is wholly owned by Yahoo! Inc., and independently provides paid search listings for other sites including Yahoo!7, ninemsn, Fairfax Media and News Ltd.

In December 2006, Yahoo!7 and Telecom New Zealand formed a new joint venture in New Zealand named Yahoo!Xtra.

In April 2007, web traffic analysis company Nielsen Online NetView logged Yahoo!7 as reaching 45 percent of the active online population: 5.2 million of the 11.6 million users in Australia's active Digital Media Universe.

In late November 2007, Hitwise, an online competitive intelligence service, ranked the Yahoo!7 Homepage and Yahoo!7 Mail both in the Top 20 Australian Websites. [1]

In 2008, Yahoo!7 became the "official online broadcaster" of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in Australia.

Board of Directors

The current board of directors include: Rose Tsou - Yahoo!, SVP North Asia (Chairperson); David Gowdey - Yahoo!, Director of M&A; Darren Gocher - Yahoo!, Vice President of Business Operations; Rohan Lund - Yahoo!7 CEO; James Warburton - Seven Network, Head of Sales; and Ryan Stokes - Seven Network, Director

Products and Services


Yahoo!7 content is an amalgamation of consumer applications such as search, email and instant messaging, with local television and print content.

Being the digital media outlet for the Seven Network and Pacific Magazines, Yahoo!7 has the ability to both produce and aggregate content that covers news, finance, sports, movies, travel, music and video.

The Yahoo!7 TV portal provides a free online TV Guide that has information for all Free to Air and Pay TV networks. The portal also offers the latest news, behind-the-scenes and information on Seven TV programmes such as Heroes, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Home & Away and LOST.

In March 2007, Yahoo!7 introduced a Lifestyle portal that aggregates content from Yahoo!7, Pacific Magazines and Seven into lifestyle categories. Yahoo!7 Lifestyle is a resource for thousands of recipes, fashion tips, photo galleries, the latest celebrity gossip and parenting advice. Yahoo!7 Lifestyle is the number one online lifestyle destination in Australia according to Nielsen//NetRatings NetView April 2007.


Yahoo!7 offers a search engine as well as other vertical search services such as Yahoo!7 Image, Yahoo!7 Video, Yahoo!7 Local, Yahoo!7 News, and Yahoo!7 Shopping Search.

Recently Yahoo!7 introduced an early stage federated search prototype developed by Yahoo!7 engineers called Alpha. [1] Alpha allows users to aggregate organic search results, photos, Answers results, video's, News, and even Wikipedia results on a single page.

Yahoo!7 Answers is the Yahoo!7 social search product, where users can ask and answer questions, as well as search content from other users.


Yahoo!7 offers internet communication services such as Yahoo!7 Mail and Yahoo!7 Messenger, as well as social networking services and user-generated content in products such as My Web, Yahoo!7 Groups, Yahoo!7 Video, Jumpcut and Flickr.


The Yahoo!7 mobile service offering includes on-the-go messaging services, such as email and instant messaging; information, such as search and alerts; and fun and games, including ring tones, mobile games, and Flickr for camera phones.


Yahoo!7 has third-party partnerships in the areas of Shopping, Dating, Autos, Real Estate, and Jobs.

Notes and References

  1. Hitwise - Top 20 Websites, accessed 2007-11-22.

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