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Type Joint venture
Founded December 2006
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Industry Media
Services Internet portal
Employees 30+ in Auckland
10 in Sydney
Website Yahoo!Xtra Company Info
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Internet portal
Registration Optional
Owner Telecom New Zealand and Yahoo!7
Launched March 2007

Yahoo!Xtra is a joint venture web portal between Yahoo!7 and Telecom New Zealand. Yahoo!7 holds a 51 percent stake in the company and Telecom NZ holds 49 percent. (Because Yahoo!7 is a 50/50 venture, Yahoo! proper is therefore a 25.5% owner of Yahoo!Xtra.)



Telecom launched internet service provider Xtra in 1996, which is New Zealand's largest ISP (as of 2008). In 2001 Telecom partnered with MSN to create the web portal XtraMSN, which by 2006 was receiving over 100 million total page impressions in a single month. Visitor numbers to XtraMSN grew by 45 percent in its last two years and the website attracted more than 3 million unique browsers per month.[1]

Move to Yahoo

In December 2006, Telecom had made a new agreement, founding a joint venture with Australia's Yahoo!7 - itself a joint company between the Seven Network and Yahoo! Inc. - to form Yahoo!Xtra. The six-year-old Telecom and Microsoft portal ended on 1 March 2007, with the users invited to go to either or

Telecom reportedly leaves the content management of the portal to Yahoo!, who operate an Auckland-based office consisting of Sales, Marketing, Ad Operations, Production and Finance Departments. The Editorial team manages local news, sport and entertainment content.[2][3].


The Yahoo!Xtra's board of directors is chaired by the Yahoo!7 CEO, Rohan Lund, and consists of the following members:

In April 2007, Kevin Bowler was appointed as the Auckland-based CEO of Yahoo!Xtra.


Yahoo!Xtra's 'X meets Y' promotion at launch featured a television commercial with Regina Spektor's song Fidelity playing whilst a young couple undertake in a lingering kiss. This helped throw the anti-folk star under the spotlight in the New Zealand music scene, Fidelity becoming a hit single and one of Spektor's most successful tracks[4].

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