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Yahoo! 360°
File:Yahoo 360 beta 1.png
File:Yahoo! Việt Nam 360plus.png
Vietnam version of Yahoo! 360°
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Social network service
Registration Yahoo! account
Owner Yahoo!
Created by Yahoo!
Launched March 29, 2005
Current status Active (Yahoo! Vietnam), Closed

Yahoo! 360° was a personal communication portal operated by Yahoo!. It was similar to other social networking sites and while text on the site still described it as being in beta testing, in fact development has ended and the site is no longer active. Long after support ended, the promised replacement social network site has never materialized.

360° included social networking, blogging, and photo sharing services.

Users could create personal web sites, share photos from Yahoo! Photos, maintain blogs, lists of local reviews, supply profile information, and see which friends are currently online. 360° also, by default, featured a 'friends updates' section, under which each friend's latest update was summarized (e.g. blog posts, updates lists, new photostream etc.).

In May 2009 Yahoo! announced that Yahoo! 360° service will be officially closed on July 13, 2009 as Yahoo! developers aimed to "focus their efforts on the new profile on Yahoo".[1] Users are given options to move their Yahoo! 360° information and blog to the new profile before this deadline.

Today, the Yahoo! 360° service is still available at Yahoo! Vietnam which is called Yahoo! 360° Plus Vietnam. Until January 2010, the registered user is increased to 1,500,000.



Yahoo 360° launched as an invitation-only service on March 29, 2005. After the full launch on June 24, 2005, it became available to any Yahoo! user over the age of 18 in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and Vietnam.

From September 2006 through September 2007, the US-based web traffic visiting 360° dropped by more than half. The service had a more global appeal than some of its counterparts, but its global visits also saw a significant drop during the same time frame.[2]

On October 16, 2007, Yahoo announced that they would no longer provide support for or perform bug fixes on Yahoo! 360° as they intend to abandon it in early 2008 in favor of a "universal profile" that will be similar to their Yahoo! Mash experimental system.[3] They have, however, said, that it will not be replaced with Mash itself.[4]

On May 6, 2008, Yahoo announced that they have several Vietnam-centric initiatives as part of their Southeast Asia business strategies. One of these initiatives is called Yahoo! 360plus - A new Vietnamese blogging application. The 360plus product is specific to the Vietnamese market.[5][6]

On 2008, Yahoo! 360° Plus launched in Vietnam.[7]

On May 29, 2009, Yahoo! announced it will be shutting down Yahoo! 360 permanently, as of July 13, 2009. Today, The Yahoo! 360° Plus Vietnam service is still available on Yahoo! Vietnam.[8]


Features introduced with 360°:

  • Themes - custom and prebuilt
  • Blogs (with RSS feeds)
  • Lists - where users may compile interests, favorite movies, books, and so on
  • Feeds - where users may include RSS feeds for themselves and others from favorite sources
  • Photos - users may share their public photo albums from
  • Blasts - quick posts or ideas that are neither published in the blog nor archived
  • Testimonials - "review" and praise individuals
  • Groups - connect to users sharing similar interests
  • Friend Updates - view latest activities from friends
  • Quick Comments - leave short messages on other people's pages
  • LAUNCHcast - share music stations and tastes
  • Reviews from Yahoo! Local, Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Travel and Yahoo! Games

Integration with Yahoo! Messenger

Since v8.0, Yahoo! Messenger built in features that allowed users to view 360° page, update blasts, post blog entries and view friend updates from within Messenger. This integration allowed Messenger users to view their contacts' pages and alerted users when their contacts' updated their page.

Integration with other Yahoo! services

Yahoo! 360° integrated with several Yahoo! services. These include:


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