Yahoo! Briefcase

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Yahoo! Briefcase
Commercial? Yes
Type of site File storage and sharing
Owner Yahoo!
Current status Closed

Yahoo! Briefcase was an online storage service offer by Yahoo!, providing 30MB of online storage of files, including photo files, etc. up to 5MB. In 2001 up to 50 megs of photo storage/sharing alone was offered - this was in addition to the just "files" facility that remained available in its final years after photos moved to Flickr.

The Briefcase service started in August 1999.[1] and was shut down on March 30, 2009. Due to confusion regarding the exact date for the closure they have located the files of affected Yahoo! Briefcase users, and will send them. The inaccessible files have to be claimed ASAP.


  1. "A Cyber-Arsenal for Road Warriors". BusinessWeek. 1999-11-15. Retrieved 2009-03-01. "Yahoo!, for instance, introduced Yahoo! Briefcase in August. It allows people to transfer documents and photos to a central computer where colleagues or friends can view them." 

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