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Yahoo! News
Commercial? No
Type of site News
Registration Optional
Owner Yahoo!
Created by Yahoo!
Current status Active

Yahoo! News is an Internet-based news aggregator provided by Yahoo!. It features Top Stories, U.S. National, World, Business, Entertainment, Science, Health, Weather, Most Popular, News Photos, Op/Ed, and Local news.

Articles in Yahoo! News come from news services, namely Associated Press (AP), Reuters, Agence France-Presse (AFP), Fox News, Christian Science Monitor, NPR, USA Today,, CBC News, Seven News, BBC News, and others.

Yahoo! has for a long time had message boards for discussions of each news article but on December 19, 2006, closed them.


In April 2009, Yahoo! News ranked second among global news sites in U.S. users, after and ahead of CNN, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.[1]


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