Yahoo! Soccer Manager

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Yahoo! Soccer Manager
Developer(s) Neopoly
Publisher(s) Yahoo!
Release date(s) File:Flag of Germany.svg 21 June 2004
File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
File:Flag of Italy.svg
File:Flag of Spain.svg
File:Flag of France.svg
Genre(s) Online game
Mode(s) Online multiplayer

Yahoo! Soccer Manager is an online game on Yahoo!. The game, which is free, puts players in control of a football (soccer) team, where they name, train and transfer players, trying to win their league and get promoted to better divisions. The goal is to move from the 5th division (which is where all new teams are placed) to the 1st Division, where there is only one league with 18 teams. Each league has 18 teams, and if a player's team does well, the team moves up to a lower numbered division. The 5th Division has no leagues, as any teams that do well move up to the 4th Division. The 4th Division currently has 2,288 leagues (as of July 10, 2008) and the number of leagues in the 4th Division depends on the number of managers. At all times, the 3rd Division has 16 leagues, the 2nd has 4, and the 1st has only one league. Each team also has the player's national flag displayed on the league table.



The game is easy to play but difficult to master. No skill is needed to play, just tactical awareness. However, to carry out tactical transactions, one is preferably to be at their computer near to kick-off. Kick-off is 3:00 PM CET.

Site breakdown

On 9th January 2009 the site was down from 2pm to 3.55pm. The following message was displayed:

Game computation The matches have begun. Please be patient for a few moments. Reload page

Normally computation takes 10 minutes maximum. As the forum was also inaccessible it is unknown what the cause was.

International competition

To date, the game has been released in 4 countries. These are: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. Although the game has only been officially released in 4 countries in Europe it is played worldwide and competed by 100+ countries. This is due to the four languages the game is played with.

New version

A new version of Yahoo! Soccer Manager was launched on January 30, 2007. This version includes finances, such as salaries, sponsorships, a new transfer market, and other additions.

The transfer market has been updated again on the 20/04/2008. The new transfer market is based around the ebay style of bidding where individual managers bid against each other until the time expires in the auction

The new transfer market has been created to eradicate cheating which was increasing rapidly before the introduction of the new transfer system.

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