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Yahoo! Tech is a web site that provides product information and setup advice to help its users, as expressed in its slogan "Tech Made Easy." Yahoo! launched the web site in May 2006.

The site, which is the first new product from the Santa Monica, California-based Yahoo! Media Group, features a selection of original, licensed, and user-generated content, along with product ratings and reviews for thousands of tech products across 19 product categories. Plus, the site can be personalized using its "My Tech" feature, which allows users to save products that they own and would like to research in the future.

The site's original content includes a weekly web-based reality show called Hook Me Up, where Yahoo! users get a tech makeover—as well as four featured "Yahoo! Tech Advisors," who blog about how gadgets and current technology affect their lives from the four very different demographic segments (The Mom, The Techie Diva, The Working Guy, and the Boomer.) Yahoo! Tech's content partners include Consumer Reports, Wiley Publishing's For Dummies series, and McGraw-Hill; and it incorporates Yahoo!'s community, search, and shopping services.

Yahoo Tech Bloggers

  • Gina Hughes
  • Christopher Null
  • Ben Patterson
  • Becky Worley
  • Alexander Yoon
  • Robin Raskin
  • Dory Devlin
  • Tom Samiljan

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