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Developer(s) Peter Johnson, Michael Urman et al.
Stable release 0.8.0 / April 10, 2009; 153160212 ago
Operating system Unix-like, Microsoft Windows and DOS
Type Assembler
License BSD
Website http://www.tortall.net/projects/yasm/

Yasm is a software program that attempts to be a complete rewrite of the NASM assembler. It is licensed under a revision of the BSD license, and it is currently developed by Peter Johnson and Michael Urman. Yasm can generally be used interchangeably with NASM and supports the x86 and x86-64 architectures.


Comparison to NASM


  • It used to be the case that Yasm could offer x86_64 support whereas Nasm could not, but this is not the case as of Nasm 0.99.00.
  • Being a more dynamic project, Yasm offers more direct support for users and input from those seeking new features.
  • It can assemble input with both Intel and AT&T (gas) syntax
  • Library interface for compiler developers


  • Nasm has been heavily used and debugged and therefore is more consistent from program to program. While Yasm is an active project, it may not have been as thoroughly debugged as Nasm.
  • Due to the rich development involved with Nasm, documentation is expected to be more complete.
  • Yasm lacks OMF object support


The name Yasm has several possible meanings, particularly in acronym form, and mostly tongue-in-cheek. Examples of which are the following:

  • Yes, it's an ASseMbler
  • Your fAvorite aSseMbler
  • Yet Another aSseMbler
  • whY An aSseMbler

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