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Yellow Arrow is a global public art project in New York, New York. Yellow arrow stickers can be obtained from their website and placed anywhere in the public realm. When encountering a sticker on the street, one can send the unique code printed on it as a text message to a particular phone number. Moments later a text message will be received with a message left by the sticker's original owner.

The Yellow Arrow symbol means ‘there’s more here: a hidden detail, a funny story, a memory, and a crazy experience.’ Each arrow links digital content to a specific location using the mobile phone. As an underground phenomenon, the project has grown a vibrant and tight community internationally. As of November 2008, 7535 Yellow Arrow stickers have been placed in 467 cities and 35 countries. Since appearing first on the streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side in May 2004, Yellow Arrow has been featured in The New York Times, Wired Magazine, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, CNN and NBC, the London Times, Politiken, Liberation, Diari de Barcelona, and de Volkskrant. Yellow Arrow was also featured in Lonely Planet's Guide to Experimental book series.

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