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File:Yfma 04.gif
Developer(s) Yfma Hi-4
Initial release ?
Written in ?
Available in English
Type Forum software
License YFMA Software License
Website Yfma

YourFreeCommunity (abbreviated as Yfc) is an Internet forum script. Originally titled Yfma Community, in reference to the developers behind the project, the name of the software was later changed to YourFreeCommunity to match with the other software being developed by Yfma during that era. Coded in Php with Mysql backend, relying on ajax control.



Yfc has been in the developmental stages since early 2006, coded by David Emmett, and designed by Keith Whelpton, the project has hit a few major flaws and design problems, but has arrived to the beta testing phase at the time of publishing this article. The alpha stage is expected for release in late August 2007.


The security features developed by David Emmett for Yfc, have been thoroughly tested by hackers and coders alike in an attempt to break the encryption and security features of Yfc, so far the record remains at an impressive 0 Hacks.


The license of Yfc will give users unlimited 1-to-1 support over the internet and phone. The yfma community is also set up to handle support for Yfc once it is released.

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