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Developer(s) Yfma Hi-4</td></tr>
Initial release ?</td></tr>
Written in ?</td></tr>
Available in English</td></tr>
Type Forum software</td></tr>
License GNU GPL</td></tr>
Website YourFreeScreamer</td></tr>

</table> Your Free Screamer (abbreviated as YfS) is a freeware shoutbox program. Originally titled YfmaScreamer, The script is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database backend as well as elements of Ajax behind the scenes.



Yfs was created on July 1st 2004 by David Emmett and Keith Wheltpon of Yfma by accident, as they were experimenting with Mysql programming, originally developed to become one of the first fully skinnable and editable shoutbox programs on the internet, it has developed to include many more features such as automatic spam warning, and simple installation.


The Yfma support staff and users on the community forums provide free support to anyone needing assistance with the installation or use of Yfs.


Yfs 2.0 is expected to be released in early September 2007. The new version will support both Mysql backend and Flat-File support.

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