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The Z format is an open, and freely available document and typesetting language, coded by David H. Kristensen and Dan Ponte from the Z Initiative.

Z is loosely based on XML and SGML standards, and inspired by TeX, but with a focus on preserving the ease of use without compromising functionality.

Z supports CSS through the implementation of formatting areas, although z2html is currently the only one of the tools to recognize that support.


Example syntax

<title>Document Title</title>
<header>Document Header</header>
Example Document Text <bold>in bold</bold> and <italic>italic</italic>
<fg:red>Red text</fg>

Z utilities

  • z2html, which translates Z to XHTML 1.1
  • z2rtf, which translates Z to RTF
  • MoZaiC, a console Z browser.

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