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Developer(s) Zikula Development Team
Stable release Zikula 1.2.1 / January 26, 2010; 128016895 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Content Management System and Web Application Framework
License GNU General Public License
Website zikula.org

Zikula is a free open source web application framework released under the GNU General Public License. It can be used to develop robust, secure, interactive and editable websites and web based applications. Zikula is written in PHP object oriented and fully modular. It requires a database and may use all leading database platforms like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server. In July 2008, PostNuke version 8 was released as Zikula version 1.




Zikula follows an active development cycle aiming toward frequent releases. Project milestones and roadmap are posted at the Zikula Code Roadmap. Many 3rd party developers build and contribute to extensions for the Zikula Application Framework which are often developed and hosted at the Zikula Code website. Extensions perform tasks like blogging, storing and displaying data, such as images, music, forums, and shopping carts.


Zikula has many active communities around the world with many official and unofficial sites around the world. As of July 2008 for example, the Zikula community forums contained over 231,421 messages.[citation needed]


  • Postnuke Content Management by Kevin J. Hatch (ISBN 0672326868)
  • Das PostNuke Kompendium by Markus Gossmer, Michael Schumacher, Andreas Schauperl (ISBN 3540219420)

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