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Zoomerang homepage
URL www.zoomerang.com
Commercial? Yes
Type of site online survey software
Registration Over 1,000,000 registered users
Owner MarketTools, Inc.
Created by MarketTools, Inc.
Launched 1999

Zoomerang.com is an online survey tool that allows users to create, send and analyze online survey results on-demand. Additionally, the Zoomerang brand name encompasses survey samples, online focus groups, Online panel and other market research solutions offered by the MarketTools corporation.



Created by MarketTools, Inc., a privately held market research company founded in 1997 and headquartered in San Francisco, California in September 1999, Zoomerang was one of the first online survey software tools on the market.[1] Zoomerang was designed to offer survey software as a service for businesses conducting consumer, competitor, and customer satisfaction surveys.[2] Zoomerang reports more than 1,000,000 registered users.[3]

Products and services

Zoomerang is an online survey tool that allows individuals to quickly and easily create online surveys to collect and share feedback. Zoomerang offers three subscription levels ranging from a limited-use free version, to more powerful paid versions. "Zoomerang Basic", the free version, provides unlimited number of surveys, with up to 30 questions and 100 responses each.[4] "Zoomerang Pro" and "Zoomerang Premium" are the two paid versions of Zoomerang, offered both as a monthly or annual subscription. These advanced versions provide subscribers with more powerful survey creation and reporting features - such as unlimited number of questions per survey, cross-tabulation, skip logic, filtering, statistics, custom branding, report downloads and customizable charts and graphs.[5] Zoomerang also offers an Enterprise version which allows teams to collaborate within their team, or across their organization on survey creation, management, and analysis with other Zoomerang users from one centralized location. In addition to Zoomerang's online survey software, the company offers expert professional services, including survey programming and an online panel of over 2.5 million survey respondents profiled on over 500 attributes. Zoomerang customers also take advantage MarketTools' in-house research services ranging from customer insight management services, online community platforms and online panel management.


  • Forbes "Best of the Web" 2000
  • 2006 Product of the Year Finalist - Small Business Technology Magazine [6] (Zoomerang zPro.)

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