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What is the role of Google's Fred update?

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What is the role of Google's Fred update?

“Fred” is just a humorous euphemism that Googler Gary Illyes made up on the spot when pressed for a name for an unconfirmed, hypothetical update that a small percentage of (mostly) aggressive Web marketers attributed to March 7, 2017 or thereabouts.

This update is not officially introduced by Google. However Research on Internet says it is penalising those website which have many unnecessary Ads, those ADs do not let people read the content.

Thin Content is also a concern when we talk about Google Fred. The Website must not have thing content.

Google Fred is an algorithm update that targets black-hat techniques tied to the content sites that have a lot of ads and seem to have been created for the purpose of generating revenue over solving a user's problem.

Google Fred Update was targeted at those sites who involved in making revenue using too many affilaite links and having very low quality or thin content. Such sites got affected by Fred Update. This update was named as Fred by Gary  Illyes

The sites which involved into such kind of activities, i.e ad heavy websites with low quality content got affected by this update and their rankings dropped heavily.


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