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Please note that the following forum rules apply to this section (and subsections):

--- Quote from: Sevam on 06-04-2010, 00:13:40 ---VI. Paid Services on the Forum

       1. Opening any topics on the forum with paid services, for users who have less than 100 posts, will cost:

           a) One Topic = $20 (twenty US dollars) .
           b) Up to three topics per week - $20 per month, but payment for 3 months. Those. it turns out $60 for three months.
           c) Up to three topics per week - paid for 6 months. Price for 6 months - $90 .
           d) Up to three topics per week - paid for 12 months. Price for 12 months - $120 .

       2. Users with more than 100 posts can open similar threads for free.

       3. Before opening a topic (if you have less than 100 posts) you will need to contact me.

       4. Paid services primarily include: Affiliate programs, Hosting services, SEO promotion services (paid), Website design (paid), Software sales.
Those. any services for which you receive (not one-time, but repeatedly) money.

       5. Paid services do not include: Selling domains, Selling your sites, One-time paid services (for example, paid one-time assistance in writing a script).

       6. This paragraph comes into force from December 20, 2022. Topics opened before this date are not affected by this restriction.

--- End quote ---


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