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I am in need of blogging training resources.These resources must be online. Please guide me

for Blogging training you can watch YouTube tutorials Blogging, There are many tutorials for Blogging & apart YouTube, There is also some experts those keep running Blogging training so you can also get in touch with them.

Best Blogging Courses according to my opinion are:

1. Blogging Masterclass: How to Build a Successful Blog in 2020 by Udemy.
2. Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Soukup.
3. Launch Your Blog Biz by Create and Go.
4. Email Marketing Basics for Bloggers by Udemy.
5. Blog Traffic Blueprint by Jon Morrow.
6. Pinterest Launch Plan by Jennifer Maker Academy.

Pick a descriptive name for your blog.
Buy a domain and get hosting for your blog.
Install WordPress.
Find the perfect WordPress theme or template.
Get some must-have WordPress plugins and add-ons.
Launch your blog and start sharing your voice with the world.

I would like to suggest you, you can learn blogging from Youtube. it is very strong and powerful platform where you can learn Blogging easily with good experts!!!


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