How to search Specific Country Search on Google

Author Topic: How to search Specific Country Search on Google  (Read 28359 times)

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How to search Specific Country Search on Google
« on: 04-16-2019, 22:37:41 »
I'm looking to know the trick to find the sites on specific country based on Google.

For Examples: I want to Search Tech Blogs only from Australia. So what will the search term that I will use to get the only result of Tech sites those are from Austalia?
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Re: How to search Specific Country Search on Google
« Reply #1 on: 05-08-2019, 00:40:11 »
There are some tricks through which we can search for specific country or for specific place on Google. I am mentioning them one-by-one.

1. Google AdPreview: It may be intended for use by Google AdWords participants, but Google’s AdPreview tool is actually available whether you’re logged in or out, regardless of whether or not you have a Google AdWords account.

In my opinion, this is the easiest and most accurate way to emulate a search from a locality other than your own but also emulate from different devices, languages and countries.

2. Another simple method is to use the website. It works a lot like Google’s AdPreview tool but allows a few additional search parameters like Safe Search settings (and a few others that don’t seem to make a difference in the results).

The site’s footer does say it is not actively maintained, so who knows how long this utility will work.

3. Location Emulation In Google Chrome:

1. Open the Chrome browser.
2. Press [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+I to open Developer Tools.
3. Click “Console” and then the “Emulation” tab. If you do not see the Emulation tab while in the Console, press the [ESC] key and it will appear.
4. Within the Emulation tab’s navigation, choose “Sensors.”
5. Check the box next to “Emulate geolocation coordinates.”
6. Open a new tab with a utility like to look up the precise latitude and longitude for a locality.
7. Copy and paste the latitude and longitude over to the “Emulate geolocation coordinates” input boxes.
8. Go to and submit your query to get results that match those you’d get if you were actually in that locality.

4. The &near= Search Parameter

There is a URL parameter you can append to your Google search to return results near a certain location — just add &near=cityname to your query string, where cityname is your desired locality.

For example, after searching for “cowboy boots,” add &near=Dallas to the query URL, like so: There’s actually a bookmarklet available online to make this even easier.

With that said, I have noticed the organic search results are slightly different when using the &near= parameter than when using AdPreview and Google Chrome Location Emulation. I don’t totally trust this method.

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Re: How to search Specific Country Search on Google
« Reply #2 on: 07-03-2019, 23:17:40 »
first go to google and type google+country name. this will give you idea what Google domain is used for that particular country. I did "google mexico" and found that Google use  as top level domain for Mexico.

Now search within https://www.  (I did for tacos) and you will get result tailored for that partular country.

Now click on "search tool" and it will present you with three options

any country
any time
all result
click on any country and you will have two options to choose from for eg.

Any country
country: India ( in case of Mexico it will be shown as Pais: Mexico)
choose Pais: Mexico and now you will have all the result from Mexico only

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Re: How to search Specific Country Search on Google
« Reply #3 on: 07-04-2019, 01:30:37 »
To find tech blogs specifically from Australia on Google, you can use the following search term: "tech blog"

This search term will limit the results to websites with the .au domain (which represents Australia) and containing the phrase "tech blog". This way, you will get search results that are specifically related to technology blogs from Australia.
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