Step by step Tiered Link Building Tutorial

Author Topic: Step by step Tiered Link Building Tutorial  (Read 6677 times)

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Step by step Tiered Link Building Tutorial
« on: 07-15-2013, 07:56:34 »
I've seen a ton of questions from people asking about Link Tiers and how to correctly build them, to receive maximum gains in SEO. I provide many beginners and very advanced SEO's private help on my blog and on many forums. I have a ton of experience in the SEO and Link Building fields, as well as many other marketing (Online & Offline) fields. My goal for this thread is to provide some help for those of you who really need it.
This is going to be the 1st of many Tutorials and Q&A sessions here on the SEO Forum -- take advantage of this free advice and one on one assistance, from someone who knows the business, inside out...
There's No Such Thing As Stupid SEO Questions  ==  The only-thing I do consider stupid is someone spinning their wheels and going nowhere, knowingly - while not asking the questions they should ask in order to get the right answers!!
Ask me any SEO Questions you need to and i'll try and help you if I can. Go here for more seo and link building tutorials just like this one!!
Let's get started by delving deep into Tiered Link Building == Below you'll learn exactly how to build Link Tiers that are Penguin and Panda safe! The advice below is proven to provide quick Google Rankings, when followed step by step..
(Warning) - For Best Results The Below Information Should Not Be Used Other Than Described...
What you'll learn if you follow my below Tutorial:
How To Build Social Link Tiers, using Pinterest, etc.
Link Tier Proxy Diversity?
Content Needs
The Best Platform For Each Tier (1-2-3+)
Which Tiers To Build Backlinks To
What's Safe and What's Not About Tiered Link Building
After the tutorial, you're asked to ask questions -- so that we can better help you to succeed...
How To Build Tiered Link Building Platforms Like a Pro -- Tutorial #1
Step #1
In step one, your job is to prepare content. Content is king, always has been always will be.. Get prepared, by building the highest quality content you possibly can. This contest should be created by you and you only. (It is ok to buy unique, manually written articles, but I do not recommend this practise). Anyone who knows me, knows that I take pride in my content and that anytime I write I add tons of quality, to each sentence. Your content should provide information about the main topic, if possible try and see to it that your content provides information, that is different from what others are providing.
Your content should oooooooze with personality and be jam packed with unique images, videos, etc.. The more interesting you make this content, the more traffic will drive, the better it'll rank and the more people will wana know who the hell created it. Write to add value and establish quality -- your readers should be your number one focus, making your readers happy, leads to conversions. (we will get to this later on)
Content can be anything you create!
Which platforms need this type of content?
I strongly recommend that YOU use the above mentioned content creation method, for all your platforms. Keep in mind that this tutorial is for max gains..... For those of you who hate writing, look at your post count here on the form, and also look at all that time your putting into other activities, those such as learning to use your favorite seo software! I ask that you write one article (on your personal blog or for your tiers) a day -- for thirty days. This is what I've had some of my students do in the past, and by doing so, it forms a habit. Anything that you do often will likely become habit forming. "I've never seen the one article a day for thirty days method fail anyone." You're going to have to start somewhere, and by doing so it'll add 1000% value to your entire business and name. You'll be glad you did!!
The content creation process can be time consuming. This is ok though.. Anything worth achieving, isn't ever easy!
Step #2 (Optional)
(This step will explain how to create social tiers)
Step number two is going to surprize a few of you.  We are still in the content phase here.
This has been my private strategy, until now... It works like gold! To do this, I'm going to use Pinterest as my example! You will need to create a few pins, by adding a few images to your pinterest profile. It's best if you already have some and they have been Repined. :)
You are going to use the URL of the PINS/Images via your Pinte\rst profile as your tier ones. This is also the content. Google not only loves social, but it's currently in love with social signals and images! Why not use both!
These make the perfect Tier 1 platforms! (Keep this our little secret)
Step #3
In this step you will go and create your Tier 1 platforms.
Here's a few of the ones that work well - including their SEOMoz Rank:,8.73,8.58,7.97,7.83,7.71,7.68,7.53,7.45,7.36,7.26
IF this is your first time creating link tiers or doing anything similar, you do not need to use proxies... Do not worry about all that unnecessary crap right now. The only time proxies are used is after you've created a couple of each of the above listed accounts, or any other accounts that you might have abused.
Step #4
In this step you will add your awesome content (One piece/article to each account that you created) to your new accounts.
In this step -- you must also ADD your main website (the website you're currently targeting) link (one link)to each article, (no more than 3 links per article)
Step #5
Create your Tier 2's
In this step you must create more (different) accounts.. In the above, small list I added, use five for tier one and five for tier 2, if you'd like..
This step should be easy!
Step #6
Add the content to the new tier 2 accounts/platforms.
Link each article/content to the tier 1 accounts we created in step #3..
Step #7
Create your Tier 3's
Create 5-10 more accounts (different ones that what you created before)
Add content to them.
Link each article to the accounts that you created in Step #5
Step #8
Any and all backlinks that you create (use your best link building software's) must be shot toward your TIER 3's
That basically sums it up. For the absolutely best and most powerful results imaginable, you have to follow the exact instructions I've written for you. Don't take short cutts and don't try and recreate the wheel. What's been given here, works and works like a charm and is Panda and Penguin safe!
You can use tweets or anything as your tiers. Social links such as Pinterest, G+, tweets, etc work extremely well.
I write tutorials daily on my personal blog:
Please use this thread to ask me "Stupid SEO Questions" -- I always have time for someone dedicated at what there doing.  Please ask me questions and use me and your go to guide and one on one coach! I look forward to helping you and hope that you enjoyed my tutorial.
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Re: Step by step Tiered Link Building Tutorial
« Reply #1 on: 07-21-2013, 13:10:23 »
Hey thanks for the great tutorial.  I'm a little unclear on a few points so if you don't mind I'll restate what I think you're saying and then you can correct me if I'm wrong.  The main area of confusion I have is in the tier 1.

So if I understand correctly, you are going to produce some high quality content and post it on the website you are trying to rank for?  Or do I have that part wrong?  Let's use a real example, one of my businesses is a spa and I want it to rank for a variety of different target keywords, specifically I'm working on ranking the main page for a few related keywords (spa, day spa, organic spa, etc.) in the local area, but additionally, I want each of our services to rank so my existing strategy is to create separate pages on the site for each of those keywords or keyword groups for example massage, massage therapy, massage therapist, etc. on one page, laser hair removal on another, etc.  Obviously, I want high quality content on those pages fully optimized on page with the keywords in the URL, title tags, H1 text, page text, image alt tags, image names, etc.  Are you suggesting in this case that I would then use Pinterest to link to these pages with some sort of content and that would serve as a first level of backlinks?  Or should I simply have blog posts set up to link to those pages directly with others linking to them and so on?

If in the above example I maybe take two different types of links so say I've got static pages on my site that are optimized for the target keywords and then I create some Pinterest pins linking to those pages with some good quality content (maybe I use an infographic about the subject for one, some targeted images for another, etc.) plus I use a few high page rank blog posts as you've listed (blogspot, wordpress, typepad, etc.), so now I have one tier of links linking to that page.

Then, I go and create a bunch more blog sites using more of the accounts you recommended (I'm a little unclear which to use for lower vs. higher tier, would you just want to use the best ranking ones for all?) and post another series of blogs these ones pointing to the tier one posts.  Now, I might be mistaken or confused here but would I want an increasing number of links as I go farther down...or maybe the opposite.  In other words I could have one post that links to one post that links to one post.  Or, I could have 100 posts that link to 25 posts that link to 5 posts that link to my target page.  Alternatively, I could have the opposite, 100 posts linking to the main page, with 25 linking to those (meaning obviously, some of them wouldn't have links to them), with 5 linking to those (meaning again some wouldn't have links).  If I think about it the last version seems like the most realistic way high quality content would show up after all generally you'll have a major high quality outlet that puts out some content, many people will link to them directly, only a few people will link to those people and even fewer still will link to them.  Please let me know what's best there because one linking to one linking to one linking to the page over and over sounds kind of suspicious looking.

Next question concerns the blogs.  Do I create each of these for only one post?  I would imagine it would seem kind of suspicious to have a blog with only one post and I would imagine that would diminish its authority in the eyes of Google.  Thus, it would make sense to have a fair amount of content and fairly regular content on each of those blogs, ideally going with links to multiple sources not just to a single page.  With that in mind would it make sense to say post regular content on each of the tier 2 blogs and rotate which of the tier 1 blogs they link to in the process?  Maybe sprinkle in links to something else but still related (along with related content).  In other words you've effectively got some legitimate blogs going (obviously, this requires producing a lot more content) at the tier 1 or maybe tier 2 level with the idea being that there's more authority built in it in the long term and that can be passed to the target pages and less likelihood of it getting flagged by Google as link spam?

Final question, what do you recommend for link anchor text and spreading it around?  My understanding is with the new Google standards you don't want to use the same anchor text in more than 20% of your links since it looks spammy so you need to be rotating through a variety of anchor text options for your articles all within a similar theme or in an attempt to be natural (for example, though it isn't the same theme it might be quite reasonable in a normal distribution to see links that say something like "Click here" or others that are simply the raw URL, etc.  What do you suggest?

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Re: Step by step Tiered Link Building Tutorial
« Reply #2 on: 09-06-2016, 03:51:08 »
I blogged around a third party referencing technique that, if done effectively, will give you some extraordinary results. You can see that post here. Quick forward three years, and we find that a comparative system, known as Tiered Link Building, is being utilized to make external link establishment battles. Layered external link establishment involves building a second, third, or even fourth layer of backlinks that objective essential connections indicating your site.

The Advanced Guide to Link Building:

This is a twist off of The Advanced Guide to SEO, which was likewise composed by Neil Patel. He trusted that in his first review, he was not able expound further on third party referencing. His new guide concentrates on third party referencing and discloses to perusers precisely what external link establishment is, and presents the distinctive crusades that can be utilized with third party referencing.

This aide has twelve sections that talk about every sort of third party referencing that you can utilize, and it handles the progressions with the Penguin redesign from Google and additionally how it will influence your SEO. This aide is perfect for apprentices, yet beginners can likewise take in some new traps and tips that will enhance their third party referencing effort.


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