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Title: The Link Grift - Latest link building technique for SEO Professionals
Post by: Michael James Swan on 08-09-2012, 12:48:32
Author and Intellectual Rights Holder for The Link Grift : Michael James Swan

The Link Grift is Simple & Effective to obtain quality back-links fast, but I advise that you use this method cautiously.

How is it done?
The Link Grift is a simple Search Engine Optimisation technique, used by a range of Search Engine Optimisation Professionals to obtain quality back-links within a reasonable time.

You carry out the Link Grift like a con, with a high level of confidence that you are going to succeed in obtaining several quality back-links each week. – You may be thinking to yourself, that several back-links each week is not enough but you are wrong. Continue Reading To See Why.

Obtaining three quality back-links each week is a lot better (in the terms of Search Engine Optimisation) than having a few “bad” websites giving you a back-link.

The First Thing that you should do, is create three new blogs on free blog services. For example:, and When you setup the user-name/blog name on any of the blogging services, please keep in mind your three main keywords for your website; because this will allow you to get keyword rich links back to your website.

Now take a look at related blogs or websites that allow you to post a comment. When you find a related blog/website then you should have a brief read through the blog/website and write a blog on the relevant post, that is intellectual and friendly. – You will now  get your Link-Back on a related blog/website. (This link should be one of your three blogs)

Read the complete article - (

I hope that you enjoy the new link building technique that I have now publicly released.

Best Regards,
Michael James Swan
Search Engine Optimisation Professional
Title: Re: The Link Grift - Latest link building technique for SEO Professionals
Post by: damponting44 on 02-27-2018, 22:31:51
The first type of link building is called organic link building. This type of link building deals with anything that doesn’t have to do with automated systems and/or practices that are frowned upon by Google and the SEO community.