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my website traffic is decreasing day by day, what are the issues and how can i resolve these. i checked all backlink, search console all posts bur could nor identify anything. Is there anybody to help me out? thanks in advance

Less website traffic often means a drop in sales, fewer leads and an overall diminished online presence. There are many reasons why a company's web traffic might decline, including algorithm updates, technical problems and changes in content strategy.

If you couldn't identify the cause, perhaps you could consult with a professional, to do a thorough check. You might need to adjust your marketing strategy.

There are a few common reasons why website traffic may be decreasing. First, look at your organic search traffic and see if there have been any algorithm updates from Google or other search engines that may negatively impact your rankings. It's also worthwhile analyzing your on-page SEO factors like content, site speed, and backlink profile for any issues. In addition to organic search, paid traffic sources like Google Ads may need optimization if budgets or ad quality have changed. You'll also want to examine your website analytics to check if user behavior, such as bounce rate and time on site, has shifted. Finally, look at your social media presence and ensure you're consistently engaging your followers across significant networks. Addressing these areas is a good starting point to help reverse a decline in traffic.

The effects on SERPs were felt in July before the Google core update was announced. Your website may have been affected by this situation.


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