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Title: Future of Link Building
Post by: SeoDezin on 05-22-2019, 12:12:10
Article directories are the main source of link building but today many of the article directories are closed. Now in future from where SEO specialists will manage links for their websites
Title: Re: Future of Link Building
Post by: seocliniq on 08-01-2019, 14:43:56
Hi Bro, Yes you are so right, directories now a days are not effective in link building method, some are close. I am so curios about future of link building thanks for this thread. I think the best way we look forward for the future of link building is we should invest for organic guest posting that really relate in the niche of our money site, and great content that easily read for viewers, hope this tips might help. Cheer!!!
Title: Re: Future of Link Building
Post by: millan123ta on 08-08-2019, 05:11:46
Yes..!  free backlink generation is so tough day by day..!!! Even everything is paid nowadays all the way of ling generation such as social bookmarking, classified ads, business listing, directories, article submission, blog post even guest post. When you go to build a link on a website it's very hard to get the do-follow link from that website.
Title: Re: Future of Link Building
Post by: jawadsatti on 09-04-2019, 06:36:59
Still Lot of Ways to get Quality Links Like Guest Post , Blog Comments , Web 2.o Profile Links these are Pure White hat link building ways to boost your rank in google.
Title: Re: Future of Link Building
Post by: kontars on 09-23-2019, 10:04:58
in my opinion it is about having your own tier 1 and tier 2 stuctue (better and worse PBN- your domains on your hosting as tier1, and tier2  blogging platforms)

What other guys think?
Title: Re: Future of Link Building
Post by: himani_singh on 11-08-2019, 00:11:09
Link Building is one of the best ways to make your website rank higher in all search engine platforms. There are various ways through which you can create high-quality backlinks for your website. Some of the best ways are- Forum submission, Web 2.0, etc.
Title: Re: Future of Link Building
Post by: lotuscontainer05 on 04-29-2020, 04:20:40
Although links still help with rankings, the big misconception in the search world is that the majority of your time and effort should be placed on building links.

So, if building links is not what you should be spending your time on, what is? It’s user experience—because it will impact rankings more than anything else.
Link building improves traffic if they do to at the right way like increase following, share post to groups, always active to the popular site where we get the traffic that enhanced Alexa.