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do includes slow down page load times ?


If you run a site which makes use of includes does that load slower than a site which doesn't have to pull in external files? I would think yes, but even if it does will that play any part in your optimisation plans ?

certainly having includes is really helpful from a development perspective!

It depends which includes you mean.
If php or asp, it can slow down pages if script is too complex.
Otherwise there is no differences.

Includes slow down sites by a microsecond, maybe a nano-second, it's so small it's not even worth worrying about. Again the presumption is that the include is just a simple HTML type include not one that does a server side call.

There are many different factors that affect page load time. The speed at which a page loads depends on the hosting server, amount of bandwidth in transit, and web page design – as well as the number, type, and weight of elements on the page. Other factors include user location, device, and browser type.


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