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Hi all. I have a little problem... I have a site with medium DA and PA but still a low Trust Flow(0,43). Can someone tell me what I have to do to increase the Trust Flow? Thank you

Trust flow can be increased for a website by high quality content and building backlinks from high authority webpages. They are useful to build your website strength and trust in search engines.

well the trust have almost nothing to do with DA or PAs of the website as the DA can be increased with no follow links but for trust flow, you need to get backlinks from high trust flow websites preferably high PR websites which increase your trust flow

Trust flow is Majestic's metric, and their own interpretation what authoritative links look like. While it seems like fairly decent metric, "increasing trust flow" should not be your goal in my opinion. Getting your page to SERPs with your chosen keywords is a better one.

However, I guess the answer is the same as always. Get decent followed links from authoritative pages. Preferably from sites that have "compatible" topics. There's a ton of topics on this, but unfortunately the advice is often poor.

Here are some useful tips which can help you to increase your Trust Flow:
- having Dofollow links in good Domain Authority website increases Trust Flow;
- having backlinks in .gov and .edu will carry more trust score of oyur website;
- internal linking or inbound linking of oyur website also increases the trust flow and citation flow score;
- sharing the contetn of social media websites will increase the trust flow and citation flow because social media sites have a higher domain authority score;
- guest blogging in the authoritative website will increase the trust flow score if you can get a backlink from the guest post;
- participate actively in top notch forums which provides you dofollow lonks to your website. This will help you to increase trust flow.


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