Using TikTok to Create Event Hype Like An Expert

Author Topic: Using TikTok to Create Event Hype Like An Expert  (Read 428 times)

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Using TikTok to Create Event Hype Like An Expert
« on: 11-30-2023, 06:05:14 »
Using TikTok to Create Event Hype Like An Expert

You know your big event is coming up, and you want to get people excited. What better way than using the hottest social media platform, TikTok? TikTok is the perfect tool for creating the hype and buzz for your event. We all know the platform is hugely popular, especially with younger audiences, so why not leverage it to spread the word about your upcoming event in a fun and engaging way? If you’re here to learn how to use this platform to create event hype like a pro, then this article is for you. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to take your event promotion to the next level.

Get Creative with Hashtags to Build Hype

When it comes to creating hype for your event on TikTok, it is very important to be creative with your hashtags. The more creative you are with hashtags, the more views and interests you’ll generate.

Use branded hashtags

It is important for you to know how to use a branded hashtag to tie all your event promo videos together. Come up with something short, catchy, and memorable like #EpicEvent or #BestNightEver. Make sure you mention that hashtag in every video, and encourage people to use it when they post about your event too. Besides, you can also play with alliteration or rhyming hashtags, like #DanceTheNightAway or #SingYourHeartOut. Rhythmic hashtags are more fun to say and share.

Use trending hashtags or location-based hashtags

Trending hashtags can gain major visibility, so keep an eye on what’s trending in music or with other events and see if you can tie your event to the trend, at least for one promotional video. But don’t force it. Use trendy hashtags only if there's an authentic connection. Besides, you can also make use of location-based hashtags so that people in your area can easily discover your event. The location hashtag is a must if it’s in a major city.

Collaborate with Influencers to Reach New Audiences

Collaborating with influencers is key for promoting your event on TikTok. Try to look out for creators in your niche or industry with engaged audiences and reach out to them. You can offer them free products or tickets to your event in exchange for posts about it.

Most influencers want to work with brands that understand them and their followers. You still need to do some research to fund the right influencer for your event. See who’s creating content around similar topics or in your location. Look out for influencers with higher engagement.

Once you connect, give the influencer creative freedom. Let them showcase the event in their own style. After all, they know what their followers will love. Send reminders as the day approaches so they can post it again. You might even ask if they are willing to do a quick livestream from your event.

Collaborating with multiple influencers allows you to reach diverse audiences. Some may create short comedy skits hyping the event, while others may post vlogs sharing what they are looking forward to. The variety will attract more attention and spread excitement among different groups.

Don’t forget to take some time to personally thank each influencer after the event. Let them know how much you appreciated their posts and that you’d love to work together again in the future. Building genuine relationships with influencers will help make your next event an even blogger success.

Make Teaser and Behind-the-Scenes Videos to Generate Excitement

Getting people excited about your event is key to a successful turnout. One of the best ways to generate hype on TikTok is by posting teaser videos and behind-the-scenes footage.

Give them a taste of what’s to come

You can post short clips of performers practicing, crew setting up the venue, or quick pan shots of the location. This will give your viewers a sneak peek of what they are to expect at your event without giving too much away. Keep the teaser videos under 15 seconds to maximize their effect.

Build anticipation with countdowns

Starting a week or two before the main event, post daily countdown videos. Show a number card counting down the days left until the main event. This will create a sense of urgency and excitement as the numbers get lower each day. Your viewers will be at the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens when you finally get to “1”! However, it is important you have enough views on TikTok to build anticipation with your viewers. If you don’t, it is time to get those views on TikTok today.

Final Words

You’re now equipped with the tools and tips to become a TikTok expert. Go ahead, create an account, start posting teasers, and behind-the-scenes footage, and engage with your followers. Build excitement and drop hints about your upcoming event. And there you have it, you’re good to go!

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Re: Using TikTok to Create Event Hype Like An Expert
« Reply #1 on: 12-06-2023, 22:55:26 »
To promote your event on TikTok, focus on creating engaging, short-form content that resonates with your target audience. Trending hashtags and sounds can increase visibility; working with influencers or attendees with significant followings can extend reach; teasers or behind-the-scenes clips add intrigue; creating an event-specific hashtag encourages user-generated content while building anticipation around it; using authentic language can foster community around it all! TikTok thrives off authenticity and creativity, so keep your content fun and relatable, and authentically portray your brand voice while remaining true to wholly in spirit!


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