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Title: — Push-notification ad network. High conversions!
Post by: Richpush on 08-03-2018, 04:30:21
We've launched push-notification ad network with incredible conversion rate and advanced targeting!

• All Geo
• 0.04-0.1 CPC
• 114% ROI
• High conversion rate
• Human traffic
• Cheaper conversions than from Facebook and Google

Here is how push-ad looks:

Here is how it works:

Affiliate offer: Health
Targeting: Worldwide
Banners: 100
eCPC: $0,03
Spent: $8597
Earned: $14554,7
ROI: 69,3%

Affiliate offer: Gambling
Targeting: Italy
Banners: 5
eCPC: $0,065
Spent: $3632
Earned: $7772,4
ROI: 114%

Almost all niches show good performance: nutra, health, gambling, finance, cаsino, betting, crypto, etc.

Need results? Get push-ads:

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