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Website Design / Re: Photoshop Vs Gimp
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 06-21-2021, 10:06:02 »
GIMP is a FREE image editing software whereas Photoshop is a PAID image editing software. GIMP contains fewer tools while Photoshop contains a lot of tools. You cannot use GIMP to edit pictures on the smartphone while Photoshop can be used to edit pictures on the smartphone.
Title is what usually is displayed in the tab bar of your browser, or as text in your window switcher in your operating system. It does not show up inside your webpage. Your markup seems to be correct, just look for the title in the browser window. <h1>Title here</h1>.
Website Design / Re: Web Design and Internet Marketing
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 06-21-2021, 09:59:17 »
Websites play an important role in Digital marketing. If website design is poor with outdated themes then it will affect your business in a bad way. A good looking and mobile-friendly website are all you need at the start. Digital marketing is done driving traffic to a website.
Google Search Optimization / Google Update
« Last post by SeoDezin on 06-21-2021, 09:57:25 »
Google has launch update on 3 June 2021 for which text based website will fluctuate in ranking and will regain their ranking in July. Buddies share your experience
Website Design / Re: Do you borrow ideas from other websites?
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 06-21-2021, 09:54:57 »
Many people think of plagiarism as copying another's work or borrowing someone else's original ideas.
Website Design / Re: Website's Poor Performance
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 06-21-2021, 09:49:38 »
Some users may suffer from poorer performance more than others. This may be the result of problems with a particular Internet Service Provider. Network congestion, bandwidth throttling and restrictions, data discrimination and filtering, and even content filtering can all result in poor site performance.
As we all are aware that This has been a very tough time for the Web Hosting industry due to COVID 19, and now the WHMCS price increment. This pandemic has ruined many small & mid-size webhosting startups. We have been working around to come up with something good for our fellow Web Hosting providers and new start-up to cope up with this critical time.

To cope up with this loss, We, ThemeMetro, announce that now you can buy Croster theme with WHMCS Starter License for just $15.95 per month, which means you pay absolutely nothing for the top class & Feature-rich WHMCS CMS theme Croster. The WHMCS has stopped offering Starter License but being the one & only Authorized WHMCS License provider in Theme Category, we'll be offering Starter license continuously.

Croster theme advantages:
  • Single Page Checkout
  • Fully equipped Page Manager
  • Live Color Schemes Builder
  • Mega Menu Manager
  • Multiple Currency
  • Cookie Consent
  • Multiple Colors & Layouts
  • Disqus Comments
  • Country Based Payment Gateways
  • Sitemap Wizard
  • Multiple Language
  • Promotion Banner
  • Support Hours Widget
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Google Schema
  • SEO Ready Pages
  • Dynamic Products & Pricing
  • Customizable Sections
  • Dynamic Announcement
You can also buy Croster with WHMCS Plus, Business and Professional license at a highly discounted price, please visit the following link to check out the new price.

Live DEMO:

Have questions?
Contact us here:

For more information check here:

Please Note: ThemeMetro is fully authorised by WHMCS to sell/Offfer WHMCS Licenses with Croster theme, If you have any questions Please feel free to contact us or you may also verify the same with WHMCS.
Affiliate Marketing / Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
« Last post by Travelpayouts on 06-21-2021, 08:24:06 »
While some are sipping margaritas at the beach, others are counting down the days till their summer holidays. Since you are reading this email, you probably belong to that latter group. Take advantage of this time and catch up on the latest content we’ve curated for you at Travelpayouts, so you can scale up your impact.

 Now, all the sales made through the WeGoTrip app on iOS and Android will be counted by the partners in the Travelpayouts statistics. An affiliate link to the app has already been added to your personal account. The travel brand has also shared popular tours for the summer in Russia and abroad.
 VisitorsCoverage has seen an increase in domestic travel by US residents. The top three destinations that VisitorsCoverage customers travel to are: the United States, Costa Rica, and Turks and Caicos Islands. The top three travel health plans are: CoverAmerica-Gold, Patriot America Plus, and ChoiceAmerica.

The travel brand Musement has shared its top-selling excursions in Cyprus.

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If you want to implement multiple tags on your website or you don't have any knowledge of adding tracking codes on your websites.
Then Google tag manager can be very helpful.
As you can place multiples tags like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytic Code, etc.
You only have to implement the Google Tag Manager code once on your website.
Alexa Ranking / Re: getting traffic on alexa
« Last post by dollartale on 06-21-2021, 07:31:24 »
Alexa does have few bugs sometimes. It's better to have some analytics tools like Google Analytics or Your Site's own Analytic.
It will tell you the exact performance and traffic source and location.
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