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Off Topic / Re: Where can I sell PayPal accounts?
« Last post by Erland on 06-13-2021, 03:51:46 »
What price?
Facebook Discussions / Re: Facebook VS. Corona
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 06-12-2021, 12:49:49 »
Keeping people safe and informed about COVID-19. Facebook is working closely with the World Health Organization (WHO).
Facebook Discussions / Re: Instagram tries to copy Facebook.
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 06-12-2021, 12:46:30 »
 Facebook releases its second attempt to copy rival TikTok by leveraging Instagram's popularity ·
Tap the “Hamburger” menu tab. The menu icon looks like three horizontal lines.
Scroll down and tap Settings and Privacy.
Select Your Time on Facebook.
Go to Manage Your Time. Tap See Tools.
Toggle on Quiet Mode.
Facebook Discussions / Re: Facebook Phone Number
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 06-12-2021, 12:37:56 »
 Facebook does not have a phone number for regular users to call. It does have an online help center, located here. (Facebook pays NPR and other leading news organizations to produce live video streams.) NPR's Aarti Shahani has started a page on Facebook for people to share concerns about the platform.
A new set of templates has been provided by Facebook in order to help brands and businesses communicate important key messages during this COVID-19.
Off Topic / Is religion more important than a human being?
« Last post by Shreecaterers on 06-12-2021, 11:03:50 »
Hello Friends

Is religion more important than a human being?
Open Directory Project / Re: Why has DMOZ closed?
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 06-12-2021, 10:13:59 »
Dmoz directory is totally outdated now. Its of no use, so please don't waste your precious time. Instead of Dmoz, I would suggest you to go for Social Bookmarking, Press Release, Article Directory, Guest Posting.
When you do this, the websites becomes listed and immediately active in the directory. The total time to become a DMOZ editor, from beginning to end, is probably 3 or 4 hours. To apply for new categories is usually 1 hour or less since you already tackled the learning curve.
Open Directory Project / Re: Getting into DMOZ
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 06-12-2021, 10:02:54 »
Dmoz is a high authority directory website which puts websites in their database upon rigorous vetting process. Your website should be really good to get in there. Yes getting a link from Dmoz is very good for SEO , but it may take few weeks to months for approval of your website and approval isn’t always guaranteed. So it’s not worth the wait.
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