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Link Building / Is it safe to use multiple exact keywords?
« Last post by makoo on 09-27-2021, 09:09:55 »
Hello everyone,
I'm considering doing the same for a lot of my articles, but I need to be sure that this won't be considered as "spamming" or "keyword stuffing" in the eyes of Google if I use exact keywords match.
Hello everyone,
I read a couple of articles (link removed by mod) regarding DNS and speed what are your thoughts about this. I know the last google update mentioned that google now takes site speed very seriously. What are your thoughts?
If the changes were saved successfully, yes it will surely reflect on the front end of the website.
If you just want to know the difference, you can google it!  !-!
Google Search Optimization / Re: What are Doorway Pages?
« Last post by Divya165 on 09-27-2021, 02:37:03 »
Doorway pages are web pages that are purposely designed to manipulate search engine indexes. A doorway page will influence a search engine's index by inserting results for specific phrases while redirecting visitors to another page.
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On Site Optimization / Help me find a contact form on my site?
« Last post by Sopie1805 on 09-26-2021, 23:11:19 »
A spammer is using a contact form on my website to send relentless spam. I have check my contact page and the spam is not coming from there.

Looking at the spam email headers show that it is coming from /public_html/index.php which is just wordpress - so I'm thinking there must be an old contact form somewhere on my huge 20 year old site that I can't find, but that spammers are using.

The email subject line is the only clue I can find and all it says is "Subject: New Message From" and then my site name.

I tried downloading the WP database and searching for that subject line, but it was not found.

How can I find it this form on my site?
Is it possible to globally move images within posts?
Create a natural flow. Writing, in general, should have a natural flow.
Match the link text with the content you're linking to.
Don't trick your readers.
Make clear the link text is clickable.
Bonus tip: put your entire key phrase in quotes.

Simply Good.
It will be useful. Thanks
 What is the difference between link farming and link exchanging? It is good wit hexample.
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