How to do search engine image optimization

Author Topic: How to do search engine image optimization  (Read 5042 times)

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How to do search engine image optimization
« on: 02-08-2018, 01:29:29 »
How to do search engine image optimization?

Have adsense through various channels to baidu station platform ask baidu image search, included sorting problem, for that we interviewed with the image search related to take charge of the students, awareness of baidu image search, included the basic principles of sorting.

The following baidu station platform will continue to search the baidu image search for the dry goods, please the webmasters continue to pay attention to the content of the school.

Baidu image search hopes to include and display images with the following three dimensions:

One, the page dimension of the picture.

1. The theme of the website is consistent with the business direction and theme of the website.

Baidu image search believes that the web page that is consistent with the theme of the website will be paid more attention by the webmaster, and the pictures on the page are more believable.

2. There are reliable, accurate and relevant descriptions of the pictures around the image, including context description, picture description, Alt attribute, picture title, and picture anchor.

3. The website has no rights.

This is in keeping with the requirements of baidu web search, also think requires users to log in to browse the web user experience is very bad, the spider can‘t complete the work the user name and password

4. Don’t write the picture link in JS, do not use asynchronous loading and other methods to display. At this stage, the success rate of baidu to JS is still to be improved.

Second, the website dimension of the picture.

1, the baidu web search share Baiduspider with baidu image search, web site if you want to have better performance in image search, the first thing to friendly to Baiduspider fully, guarantee Baiduspider to grab parsing and included in the site.

2 reference site, baidu image search in baidu web search system in the evaluation grade, generally if the web site in the web search system has credibility, there is no malicious and excessive SEO cheating behavior, also can have good performance in image search

3. The website is stable and the website is open and smooth.

Baidu image search of course does not want the user to see the relevant pictures, the hope of clicking on the web address for a long wait.

Three, the picture itself dimension.

1. The picture is as clear as possible.

In the case of baidu image search ranking, when other conditions are equal, higher resolution images can be given priority.

2. Similar to the definition, the size of the picture should be matched with the content of the picture. The larger the better, the smaller image will not necessarily be discriminated against.

3. The main body of the picture is prominent and the visual effect is good.

If there is watermark on the picture, the watermark should be located at the corner of the picture, not causing occlusion of the main body.

4, scarce resources to the most popular with baidu image search images, but in the remind webmaster, if your picture belongs to the quality of scarce resources, don‘t forget to deserve to go up by the clue to the picture captions

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Re: How to do search engine image optimization
« Reply #1 on: 02-08-2018, 22:04:39 »
Your title and content are not in combination  :-\

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Re: How to do search engine image optimization
« Reply #2 on: 02-10-2018, 03:09:54 »
JPEG is the most commonly used image format today. It uses lossy data compression; which means that, depending on your settings, the image quality can suffer quite a bit. There is also no support for transparent backgrounds like there is with GIF and PNG formats.

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Re: How to do search engine image optimization
« Reply #3 on: 10-21-2019, 05:39:40 »
Name your images descriptively and in plain language.
Optimize your alt attributes carefully.
Choose your image dimensions and product angles wisely.
Reduce the file size of your images.
Choose the right file type.
Optimize your thumbnails.
Use image sitemaps.

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Re: How to do search engine image optimization
« Reply #4 on: 10-24-2019, 01:23:46 »
The thread title is about image SEO!
and the thread is about SEO  :-[ :o


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