Simple SEO tests

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Simple SEO tests
« on: 03-13-2012, 06:53:49 »
here i am going to post some questions ,you might have seen over the internet also but do accommodate here and answer these to yourself
For a beginner these helps indeed in getting in depth of seo while for experts,it is like brushing concepts .So here are the questions:-

1.   What are ‘NOODP’ and ‘NOYDIR’ Meta Tags and why they are used?
2.   What are 301, 403, 404, 500 errors for?
3.   What is NoFollow?
4.   What is PR based on?
5.   What is Link Juice?
6.   What is the name of Google, Yahoo and MSN spiders?
7.   Web crawler is also called ………………..
8.   From where you recognize that your page is crawled by search engine Google?
9.   How many sources of getting traffic?
10.   What is reciprocal link?
11.   What is DMOZ?
12.   Crawler visits a site or a page?
13.   PR is given to a site or a page?
14.   What is Bounce Rate?
15.   What is a Landing Page?
16.   List any 5 Search Engines.
17.   List any 10 Social Bookmarking sites with >= 4 PR.
18.   Can you identify geographical visits? If yes then from where?
19.    List any 5 Browsers.
20.   What is your site’s PR?
21.   List any 3 Social Networking sites.
22.   What is an Anchor text?
23.   What are Breadcrumbs?
24.   View all, Read more, etc. links should be Follow or NoFollow?
25.   A keyword should be with…  (mark the true one)
High Search Volume, Less Competition or
Less Search Volume, High Competition
26.   What is a Keyword?
27.   Explain what META tags matter in today's world.
28.   List any 5 stop words.
29.   List any 10 Article Submission sites with >= 4 PR.
30.   What does competitive analysis mean to you?
31.   How can we submit all our links to the Search Engine directly?
32.   Where does one place a robot.txt file to any website?
33.   If the company whose site you've been working for has decided to move all of its content to a new domain, what steps would you take?
34.   Can you identify geographical visits? If yes then from where? Mention specific section.
35.   What SEO tools do you regularly use? List any 5.
36.   What do you think about link buying?
37.   Who are the two key people - who started Google?
38.   List any 5 Social Networking sites.
39.   What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
40.   What industry sites, blogs, and forums do you regularly read?
41.   List any 5 Search Engines.
42.   Explain various steps that you would take to optimize a website?
43.   How many types of Site Map? A Site Map is for user or SE?
44.   From an analytics perspective, what is the difference between users from organic search results vs. a type-in/direct user?
45.   Why does Google rank Wikipedia for so many topics?
46.   What is link popularity?
47.   When will Submissions appear on the engines?
48.   Diff between ecommerce sites and service sites.
49.   What does the 301-server response code signify?
50.   What is Google Panda algorithm based on?
51.   All major search engines are case sensitive.    Y or N
52.   Which of the following are examples of agents?
a. Search engine spiders
   b. Internet Explorer
   c. Opera
   d. SQL Server database attached to a website
53.   The following robots Meta tag directs the search engine bots:
<META NAME="robots" CONTENT="noindex,nofollow">
A.   Not to index the homepage and not to follow the links in the page
B.   Not to index the page but to follow the links in the page
C.   Not to index the page and not to follow the links in the page
D.   To index the page and not to follow the links in the page
54.   How many words should my pages be?
55.   How would you find backlinks of any site from Google Search.
56.   How are site maps important for the Search engine optimization process?
A.   Site maps help the search engine editorial staff to go through a website, hence ensuring quicker placement
B.   Site maps help the search engine spider pick up more pages from the website
   B.    Google gives credit to the websites having site maps. The GoogleBot looks for the keyword    or title "Site Map" on the home page of a website.
   D.    None of the above
57.   Which of the following would be the best choice of URL structure (for both search engines and humans)?
58.   What does the term Keyword Prominence refer?
   a.    It refers to the fact that the keywords placed in important parts of a webpage are given    priority by the search engines
   b.   It refers to the fact that the importance of choosing high traffic keywords leads to the best       return on investment
   c.    It refers to the importance attached to getting the right keyword density
   d.    It refers to the closeness between two or more keywords
59.   Which of the following search engines or directories provides the main search results for AOL?
   a.    Lycos
   b.    DMOZ
   c.    Yahoo
   d.    Google
60.   Which of the following is the least important area in which to include your keyword(s)?
a.   Meta Description
   b.   Title
   c.   Meta Keywords
   d.   Body Text
       e.   Internal Anchor Text
61.   How can Meta Description tags help with the practice of search engine optimization?
a.   They help to tell the engines which keywords are most important on your page
       b.   Trick question - Meta description are NOT important
       c.   They serve as the copy that will entice searchers to click on your listing
      d.   They're an important ranking factor in the search algorithms
62.   Which of the following is the best way to maximize the frequency with which your site/page is crawled by the search engines?
       a.   Add a short "crawl delay" parameter to your robots.txt file
       b.   Increase your "crawl frequency" in Google's Webmaster Central
      c.   Frequently add new content
       d.   Search for your website more frequently in the major engines
       e.   Submit your site through the search engines' submission forms
63.   Will you use an ordinary html sitemap with Google?
   a.   Any sitemap is OK to use it with Google.
   b.   No, I will not because it is duplicate content.
   c.   Yes, I’d use HTML format that Google uses for sitemaps
   d.   I'd rather use the XML format that Google uses for sitemaps
64.   What will the search string “” show?
a.   The list of backlinks from other sites on the Web to those are available in the index of the particular search engine.
b.   The list of backlinks from other sites on the Web to
c.   The home page of
d.   The anchor text of the backlinks that link to the site.
65.   Is the following metatag appropriate for a site that sells books?
<meta name="Keywords" content="books,publish,reading,author,genres,cover,novel" />
a.   Yes, this metatag is OK even though it could have had more keywords
b.   No, it is rather short, I have more keywords to optimize for.
c.   I would rather swap “publish” and “novel” because “novel” is more important than “publish”.
d.   Yes, the following metatag contains all the keywords I need.
e.   Why bother with metatags at all?
66.   Is your site listed in Open Directory?
67.   Sometimes Google SERP shows the Title and Description from DMOZ or Yahoo Directory in which our site is listed. Why?
68.   What is PageRank?
a.   The search relevancy of a page compared to the other pages in the search engine's index.
b.   The way Yahoo! measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it.
c.   The way Google measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it.
d.   The Alexa technology for ranking pages.
69.   Source code (meta tags, title tags, etc.):
a.   It is not that much important
b.   can be excluded while on page optimization
c.   Search engine spiders don't look at these.
d.   should be optimized just like the rest of your site
70.   Which of the following file is created to give instructions to SE bots?
a.   Index.html
b.   Spiders.txt
c.   sitemap.xml
d.   Robots.txt
e.   Searchbot.xml
71.   A site map is absolutely necessary without which SE bots won’t index your pages.
a.   True
b.   False
72.   When crawling your site, which HTML tags do SE bots first interpret?
a.   Body
b.   H1
c.   Robot
d.   Meta
73.   A Page Rank scales from 1 to 5.
a.   True
b.   False
74.   On a Google point of view, which is the best space separator in a URL?
a.   |
b.   -
c.  %
d.  _
75.   Internal linking is a legitimate way of getting a backlinks?
76.   How long does it take to get indexed by Google?
77.   SEM is a branch of SEO.
a.   True
b.   False
c.   Both are related.
78.   There is only page having a PR of 10 which is
a.   True
b.   False
79.   When do you get a 404 error?
a.   If There's a temporary redirect on that page
b.   IF there's a permanent redirect on that page
c.   If the server does not respond to the query
d.   When the Page Requested Does Not Exist
80.   What is meant by SERP?
a.   Search Engine Results Page
b.   Search Engine Ranking Page
c.   Search Engine Results Position
d.   Search Engine Ranking Position
81.   500 error code
a.   Internal Server Error
b.   Forbidden
c.   Not Found
82.   CSS – Full Form.
83.   CTR – Full Form, Describe it and Give an example.
84.   SE spiders recognize the images by what?
85.   What metrics do you use to measure success?
a.   Conversion
b.   Good Traffic
c.   Good Page Rank
d.   Top Keyword Ranking
86.   Which SE encourages keyword stuffing?
a.   Google
b.   Yahoo
c.   Bing
d.   None of the above
87.   Do you guarantee 1st place ranking? Why?
88.   Give an example of any 4 phrase keyword?
89.   If any SEO service provider says that they have partnership with major SE, are they reliable to award a project?
90.   Can we have nofollow link as a backlink?
91.   Can we rank #1 for the keyword “iPhone”?
92.   How can you track the number of total backlinks you have?
93.   Where do you find your site’s crawling errors?
94.   If my site’s PR is 2, then I should link to only those sites whose PR is 2 or more? Why?
95.   Why SE like Google needs unique content and try to display only good sites in SERP?
96.   How do you know how many people searching for your keyword?
97.   How long will it take to rank in Google?
98.    What do you mean by eCommerce sites?
99.    Define Spammer.
100.   What other factors affect rankings besides backlinks?
a.   On page optimization factors
b.   Whether you have unique content
c.   Whether your domain includes your primary keywords.
d.   Having a lot outgoing or reciprocal links pointing to “bad” sites
e.   Using content that the search engines can’t read, like audios, flash, videos, graphics (without alt tags), etc.
f.    a to e
g.   Only a, b and c
h.   Only d and e


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Re: Simple SEO tests
« Reply #1 on: 03-14-2012, 00:00:21 »
Nice post I am a bit confused with E-commerce and Service Sites could you please explain?

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Re: Simple SEO tests
« Reply #2 on: 03-14-2012, 01:31:52 »
E-Commerce sites are the sites where we can buy/sell products online like ebay,flipkart,snapdeal etc .while service sites are basically those sites which provides services online or in home development like many IT companies sites providing web development,web designing services,SEO services etc .For more description let me know

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Re: Simple SEO tests
« Reply #3 on: 03-14-2012, 05:04:31 »
Its looking like an aptitude test for SEO. Very nice questions but its not possible for now to answer all these question. But all are informative questions.

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Re: Simple SEO tests
« Reply #4 on: 03-14-2012, 05:16:32 »
I know at once it may not seems possible to answer all the questions correctly but these are very basics .Also do answer yourself and not here..Its not an aptitude test but a kind of SEO skill testing test .One must know the topics in the questions and hence indeed useful for everyone

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Re: Simple SEO tests
« Reply #5 on: 03-15-2012, 20:00:56 »
Those simple tests are very important especially to the beginners of SEO. It also serves as their source of information for them to know all the aspects of Search Engine Optimization.
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Re: Simple SEO tests
« Reply #6 on: 03-26-2012, 04:00:11 »
Thank you Sir,

Questions provided are wake up my little SEO knowledge, really very useful information.

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Re: Simple SEO tests
« Reply #7 on: 03-28-2012, 10:56:55 »
Thank you for the simple test.

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Re: Simple SEO tests
« Reply #8 on: 03-29-2012, 00:55:11 »
NOODP meta tag is used for prevent alternative Description from ODP/DMOZ.I liked this awesome question.get more here. newbielink: [nonactive]
newbielink: [nonactive], newbielink: [nonactive]

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Re: Simple SEO tests
« Reply #9 on: 03-30-2012, 04:26:15 »
Great collection of questions regarding SEO you shared here and i think if anyone know the answers of these questions he is a great SEO who can boost his business in very short period.


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