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Title: Tags (Not Meta) listing pages without meta
Post by: penguin123 on 04-19-2021, 13:13:58

I'm working on a website for free stock photos. Each photo has it's page with it's Meta Title and Meta Description. These pages contain Tags (based on it's photo). Example: Sea, beach... From a functional perspective (not for SEO) it will help the user finds all other photos related to beach (for example) when he views a page (photo) of the beach. So the users clicks on the Tag "Beach" and all photos with this tag will be listed. The 'Tag listing' page  is dynamic (difficult but not impossible to include Meta Description) but it does contain a Meta Title. A page may contain 10-20 tags and there might be about 100 tags in all for the 150 photos (pages) actually on the website. For sure it will grow by 3x in the near future. Actually I have about 100 'Tag Listing' pages on my site .

So these 'Tag listing' pages will show up without Meta Description but only Meta Title.

So, Will it be wise to reduce the total tags drastically from 100 to 10 so that I can have Meta Description for these 10 ? (It will be to much work to go and assign Meta Description to all 100 pages and all those in the future) I'm asking that so as not to be penalized (speaking of SEO).

P.S For sure the site will be less functional. I might end up with 1 or 2 tags per photo.

Thanks for your views.
P.S My site is CMS based (Joomla)