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We have a creative agency based in South Africa,

Now we've decided to overhaul and rework our SEO.
I have two questions:

1- Our main service offering is Video Production so our Main keyword is "video production company" but we offer a wide variety of services, How do we let google know that our primary service offering is Video Production? 

2- Our agency offers multiple video services, so one of our services is Health and Safety video production. We want to create awareness of these services, So we have a main health and safety video production page which has been optimized with the relevant keywords. We also post regular projects and articles that support the health and safety video production page. These articles and projects make use of the same keywords. How do we ensure that google ranks the main page instead of these articles and projects, does use the same keywords or linking to a page ranking for the same keywords cannibalise traffic or ranking?

Thanks in advance for any help and I look forward to reading your replies!

I'll attach a link to our website below:

Try to cover the main targeted keyword on the home page's title & description. that way google can get an idea of what the page is about.


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