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Requirement for SEO contents.

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SEO contents should meet the following requirement

SEO contents should optimized title
SEO contents should be stuffed with proper keyword density
SEO based contents should be more than 350 words

I agree with your first two points but I disagree that content should be more than 350 words. It is not so. Content never matters for quantity of words. The only thing is whichever information we provided should be unique and meaningful whether it is written in more or less words but reader can understand our concept and that's it.

I would have to disagree about that one.  An article normally is 500 words which takes one minute or less to read.  A blog can have 250 words or 350, but not great content to keep the reader wanting to read it.  Lastly, the content should not be keyword stuff, keyword stuffing diminishes the effect rather optimizing it.  Have four or five of your keywords in a 500 word article that is about it.

-contents must be unique/original
-content must contain your target keyword
-your target keyword must be in h1, h2, or h3 tag
-you must have your keyword at the beginning and ending of the sentence
-you should have image alt tag
-embed video if possible
- put outbound links (must be authority sites links)
- contextual links

that's all!

minimum requirements of SEO contents are as follow
title tag
semantic headlines
alt text on image
robot.text control
301 redirect and
ability to ad analytics


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