Recommend independent IP for BlueHost

Author Topic:  Recommend independent IP for BlueHost  (Read 1147 times)

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 Recommend independent IP for BlueHost
« on: 12-20-2017, 02:53:20 »

  Independent IP or public IP ? This is a question that bothers many website owners. But in general, the advantages of independent IP are more obvious. Then,what aspects should be considered to choose independent IP for BlueHost?

  BlueHost provides three solutions, including PlanA, PlanB and PlanC. While PlanA is different from the other two, its space is 10GB, the traffic is 50GB, which can only create a single site. But PlanB and PlanC both have unlimited traffic, unlimited space, unlimited number of sites, also PlanC provides an additional independent IP for free.

  1, Take SEO into consideration

  Basically ,the domestic sites are based on Baidu search engine, in fact, there is a correction between Baidu and public IP host. If there exists an illegal site or some cheating site under the public IP host, your site will be affected in terms of stability and rankings.

  Choosing independent IP does not require using an independent IP per site, but at least you have your own site under the independent IP, in this case,you can have more control over it. So long as your site does not appear cheating and other phenomenons, it will not be affected no matter in stability or rankings.

  2,Take the shared hosting performance into consideration

  If the user is using a public IP, when the site under the same IP is attacked, the IP may temporarily closed, usually closed for 24 hours, and your own site will be affected, even stagnated, even worse, users can not access to the site normally.

  When the user is using an independent IP, as long as your site keep safe, usually everything will be ok, and your own independent IP does not be attacked, no matter what other people‘s site is attacked,our site will not be affected 。 And you can also use the defense system in case of attack, such as CF defense or Sitelock tool services and so on 。

  In a word, it is better to choose independent IP for BlueHost. The public IP can be considered if your site is not built for profit, or just an initial site. However, if the site has been built to make a profit, or face fierce competition, it is best to choose an independent IP, so that keep your site more competitive.

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Re:  Recommend independent IP for BlueHost
« Reply #1 on: 07-20-2023, 12:23:19 »
When choosing independent IP for BlueHost, there are several aspects to consider.

Firstly, consider SEO. Baidu, the dominant search engine in China, has a correlation between public IP hosting and website rankings. If a public IP host has illegal or cheating websites, your site's stability and rankings may be affected. By having your own site under an independent IP, you have more control and can avoid these issues.

Secondly, shared hosting performance should be taken into account. With a public IP, if a site under the same IP is attacked, the IP may be temporarily closed, causing your own site to suffer and users to be unable to access it. On the other hand, with an independent IP, as long as your site remains secure, it will not be affected by attacks on other sites. Additionally, you can use defense systems like CF defense or Sitelock tool services to protect your site.

In summary, it is generally better to choose an independent IP for BlueHost. Public IP hosting can be considered for non-profit or initial sites. However, if your site aims to generate profit or faces intense competition, selecting an independent IP will make your site more competitive and secure.


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