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Sap Solution:
Does Web design play any role in internet marketing and how ?

obviously,Design play an important role in internet marketing because website design must be attractive to the customers user friendly and for SEO it must follow the rules like no more h1 tags etc.

Yes, Internet marketing is depend upon the website designing. Your website should be user as well as SEO friendly. 

I think, yes)
We all like a nice and pretty things and creative advertising! A lot of experts said, that Beaty view and cool adversitind are more important than your product) That is why, I think that cool design can help you to develop your audience and share with all your offers)! Try to do something exclusive in web design and in your content, thanks for this easy things, everything will be fine)

Ajinkya Samark:
Yes, your website need to be more attractive as well as seo friendly for Internet marketing. 


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